Monday, December 28, 2015

28 December 2015

Well, this was easily the most interesting Christmas of my life, at least in part because it didn't feel very Christmasy. Here's how it broke down:

On Tuesday, the Hyderabad zone did a Nativity, with all the missionaries gathering, reading scriptures, and singing songs. That was a lot of fun, and we performed our skit again. Speaking of the skit, it's included below. That took up most of our day, which was largely eclipsed by the events of the morrow.

Wednesday morning, I got the weirdest call of my life. A member called us up early in the morning, and asked us to pray for her children. She was crying a lot, and eventually told us that she was thinking about committing suicide. That call was soon followed by many more: to the mission president, his wife, and the senior missionaries at the mission office. When we realized that ALL of them had their phones switched off at the same time, we called the bishop, the APs, and the first counselor to try and get help. Then, we booked it over to the member's house, and had a really long conversation. On the plus side, that let us skip district meeting. We ended up taking the day off of missionary work to try and cheer her up, which worked really well. That night, we met with the bishop, who gave us some interesting news that would have been good to have hours ago: the member in question had done this sort of thing before, and had had those same squabbles before. He used that as a rationalization for not showing up or asking anyone else to. When we asked him to help make sure that her home and visiting teachers came more regularly (she'd told us that they hadn't come in forever), he revealed that HE was her home teacher, but still didn't promise any change. To cut short the suspense on how the story ends there, the sister is happy and healthy, and the issue seems to be over as of right now.

On Thursday, we got another unexpected call early in the morning, this time with much better news: our zone leaders informed us that the Transportation Minister of Telangana had invited the missionaries over for his wife's birthday party. We showed up, had lots of pictures, and they gave us some fabric and copper water bottles as gifts. It seemed a lot random, but whatever. Afterward, we went back to our area, which took a while. It's about an hour's travel away. That night, we got to travel yet another hour away to the Cobb's house, who I later emailed at. They fed us your standard Christmas eve dinner- for Indians. It was chicken biryani. Then, we sang songs, watched Joy to the World, and worked on a 2000 piece puzzle they had.

Friday was very fun. We headed over to Sister Pulla's house in the morning, and stayed half the day there. We sang yet more songs, played violin and guitar, and made lots of food. I even tried out a no-bake cookie recipe that I found on your blog! That turned out really well. 

Saturday and Sunday weren't quite as much fun. Elder Campbell was  pretty sick, so we mostly stayed inside while he slept. That's the news of the week!
I remembered to send them this time!

Inline image 1

This is the bottom half our  our district.

Inline image 2

This is us with a member. I need to work on my selfie skills, though. 

Inline image 3

And this is the no-bake cookies I made. The picture didn't turn out too well, though.

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