Sunday, December 13, 2015

13 December 2015

As of Friday, I served in 5 areas in just 16 days. I started out with my regular area, Rajamundry 2nd, went on an exchange to Rajamundry 1st, got transferred to West Maredpally 3rd, and went on two more exchanges, to the 1st ward and to A.S. Rao Nagar. Wow!

Last Monday, we were poking around this collection of stores, when we saw something very interesting: a 3d print shop. We went in and asked what they made, and they told us that they could make statues of people: they'd take photos of you from a few different angles, then digitally combine them and print it out in plastic. So, if anyone wants an 8 inch tall version of themself for just $200, let me know!

On Tuesday, I was on an exchange with the zone leaders in the 1st ward here. We went all over there area on buses, and had a very interesting lesson. One of their investigators had invited us to meet his father, who is a hardcore Methodist. We tried to teach the Restoration, but he wasn't really interested in listening, and repeated the same questions over and over again, even after we answered them. That made for a very long lesson. We told him about the book of Mormon, and asked if he would read it. He sort of gave us a vaguely affirmative answer in the end, so I guess we'll just wait and see what happens. 

We swapped companions back on Wednesday, and had a relatively normal day. We tried to meet with one of our investigators at night, but he bunked, so we tried to go caroling with the ward. That didn't turn out too well. We showed up right on time, but they didn't leave until 8:30. Also, we were talking to a new investigator who showed up for institute, and so didn't notice them leave. 

On Thursday, we had some very exciting weekly planning, followed by another really interesting day. We spent half of it with the 2nd ward elders, helping them to compose a skit for our ward activities. That'll be a lot of fun! I'll see if someone can tape it, and send you the footage when we perform it. Failing that, I'll just send the script. Anyway, we did manage to go caroling with the ward that night!

Friday was very long. In the morning, we tried to meet with an investigator, but he was going to be way too late and we had to leave. We had zone training all the way over in Medina Guda, which is an hour away by train. Funny story about that- at one of the stops I got a water bottle, and nearly missed the train, which only stopped for about 30 seconds. I ran and jumped for it, and did manage to make it, though. In A.S. Rao Nagar, we had 3 very interesting back to back appointments. The first one was with a 14 year old kid, who we took with us to the next appointment, with a 16 year old kid. They are both super excited about learning! The final one was far and away the strangest teaching appointment I've ever had. The father was deaf, couldn't talk, and didn't know sign language or how to read. So, we used lots of gestures, but did manage to get our meaning across. 

Saturday was relatively uneventful- we had a long bus ride back to West Maredpally, and then worked on the skit more, and finalized it. We tried to go caroling again, but they left without us! A member called us at night, and insisted that we come to his house. The only problem was that we didn't know who he was, and he couldn't tell us where he lived. We asked around, but no one knew him. We eventually had to give up on the idea. 

We found the conclusion to that unfinished story on Sunday. In the morning, we went to invite one of our less-active members to church. But, he was out, so we went to his dad's house, which was just opposite. As it turns out, HE was the guy who was calling us last night! We gave his son a blessing, which is what he'd been asking for, and then had ward council. After church, the 2nd ward elders grabbed us and needed our help to finish up the skit, and perform it for their ward council. We did so, but finishing the skit burned up the whole rest of the night. 

I can call basically whenever, also. We got permission to call on the 24-26th, whenever you are available. Which means that for your time, I can call on the 23rd night, or anytime up till the morning of the 26th. The only time I can't call is between 11 am and 10 pm in Indiana, because that is the middle of the night here. So, mornings work great. Just let me know when works best for you in that range.

Also, I barely remember Rosie, let alone the people we gave her to. But, that is pretty trippy. Wait- did they come over to our house to play a few times? Or am I thinking of Xavier or something? What are you talking about with playing the violin for Thanksgiving? I only got the violin last week. But, I may be playing it for the Christmas celebration, depending on how things work out. 

This is a very strange pigeon nest in the 1st ward apartment:
This was our ward's Santa, who came caroling with us:Inline image 2

And this is Elder Touthang (rhymes with cow tongue), my district leader, on the train:

Inline image 3 
Inline image 1

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