Sunday, December 6, 2015

6 December 2015

Well, this week was pretty fun. We had stake conference on Sunday about 20 minutes away, but right afterward a member wanted to take us on an exchange. Which was fine, but then we learned where it was: Jeedimetla. That would have meant something if we knew where it was. We took a bus to the station, another bus an hour out to a place close to it, and then an auto the last 15 minutes. It was a long way off! Then, we walked a bit to get to their house, only to learn that no one was there. So, the member called them, and asked what was going on. They told us they'd be there in 5 minutes. That was halfway true; the Telegu-speaking mother was there in 5 minutes, but her English-speaking children weren't. In fact, they didn't arrive for another 45 minutes. And when they did, we learned that they didn't actually speak English. So, we had a very quick lesson, and are going to bring back a missionary that speaks Telegu next time. But hey, they fed us some really good curry afterwards, which makes it all better. 

We also found, believe it or not, a shop that has all sorts of American things: 5 gum, M&Ms, skittles, even bubble tape. It even had some really nice pens that only cost $50. I wonder who buys those. It even had really, really expensive Legos, and 4 different versions of Monopoly. 

Apart from those very exciting events, not too super much happened this week. We did a whole load of finding members' houses, which is always thrilling. Actually, there was one thing. A guy knocked on our apartment door one morning while we were getting ready, and tried to sell us all sorts of souvenirs. He knows a whole lot of elders, and had a whole bunch of items: handcarved chess sets (which were tempting, I'll admit), leaf paintings (paintings done on a leaf, not of a leaf), and some batiks, or wall hangings. 

Oh, and I almost forgot the best news of the week: I got two packages! One from you, one from the ward. Thanks! I now have enough candy to last me through the next Ice Age. You mentioned in an earlier email that you sent a package of letters, which hasn't arrived yet, though. And a quick question: do you make jello with 2 cups of water, or 8? I made it both ways, but I'm undecided which is better.

Inline image 1

Inline image 3 
Inline image 2

It still tasted pretty good, though. The only real casualty were the Doritos; they definitely took the worst of it. But hey, the dust at the bottom of the bag is the best part! The top picture is what the ward sent: a string of candy that I'm supposed to open one thing of per day. Looked like there was one or two notes in there that might have been from you guys, though.

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