Sunday, December 20, 2015

20 December 2015

This week definitely had some interesting experiences. For example, we got to meet with a new investigator! She too had an interesting story. Her sister is *very good friends* with one of the guys in the ward (which is bad news, because he's planning on serving a mission) , and he invited them both to church. And lo and behold, they came! The guy introduced us to them at church last week, and they asked us to come to their house. We did so on Wednesday, and had a good lesson, along with a few strange points. When we called beforehand to confirm the appointment, she asked us a question that I can honestly say that I've never heard before. Here's about how the conversation went:

Me: "Is that time okay for us to meet?"
Her: "Yes, but...
Me: "Yes?"
Her: "I read the Catholic bible. Am I still welcome to your church?"
Me: "Yes, everyone is welcome to our church."
Her: "What about if I'm a Catholic? Will you still talk to me?"
Me: "Yes, that's not a problem. Why?"
Her: "Do you hate Catholics?"

Eventually, it got sorted out that no, we do not hate Catholics; yes, they can come to our church, and no, her being Catholic in no way presents an obstacle to us talking to her. Apparently, someone told her all sorts of junk about us. Oh well, it turned out in the end. She's super eager to learn, and invited us back on Saturday, where she fed us dinner. For missionaries, she is basically the investigator equivalent of the Holy Grail. 

That was definitely the most exciting thing to happen this week, though. We spent a bit of it practicing for the skit/song that we performed for the ward Christmas activity, which was also very interesting. They did a full-length rendition of the Ten Virgins story, lifted directly from that one book that you have. I forget what it's called, but it's about a potter who makes the lamps for the 10 virgins, and describes all of them. To make a long story short, the Relief Society performed it well, but didn't even change the character's names. 

Calling at 8:00 AM in Indiana works well for me; that's 6:30 PM here. Also, I've been slowly building stuff to send. There are some candies I am including that I'm sure that you'll love. Make sure everyone puts one in  their mouth at the same time just in case, though. The one courier that I found that will send packages to America promises to get them there in 3 days, so if I send the package today, it should get there by Christmas. That's about all the news for the week; it was pretty short. See ya on Friday!

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