Friday, March 29, 2013

Mission Call

Today, after 15 days of waiting, I finally got my mission call.  I got it about 4:00pm in the afternoon after waiting for the mail for the entire day.  Seth Conklin and I got our mission calls only one day after we predicted that the earliest that we could get them. After I got it, I immediately called Seth to find out whether or not he had also gotten his.  I found out he had, but he was at piano.  I arranged a time with his family to meet up and open our calls, 6:00pm that night.  6:00pm finally came around after what felt like hours of waiting.  Seth and I got our letters and stood in front of all the cameras.  Seth opened his first and got called to the Mexico, Chihuahua mission and reported to the Provo MTC on the 24th of July.  I thought that was pretty cool.  I opened mine next and found out where I was going. Brazil Manaus mission and I was to report the 31st of July to the Brazil MTC.  I am so excited about going on a mission.  I can't wait to be able to go!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Final Interview

So, I just got home from the final interview for my mission papers with the Stake President.  He checked to see if I was willing and worthy to serve, and checked to see if I had any last minute questions regarding anything in my mission.  Now I have to wait 3-8weeks for my call to arrive from Salt Lake from the Quorum of the Twelve,which is approved by President Monson, and then I will know where I am going on my mission.  I have been challenged to read the Book of Mormon and highly encouraged to read Preach my Gospel as well and I will also be taking a temple prep course.  Hopefully I will be able to wait that long for my call to arrive.  I am so excited for my mission and I can't wait to receive my call!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Day with the Missionaries

Today was an interesting day to say the least.  We had our 2nd missionary readiness conference and I thought I knew what was coming.  It would be the same thing as last year, come and get a mission assignment, and learn what its like to have a day in the MTC. I figured it would be pretty easy, since I already done it once in the Rome, Italy mission last year.So I get there about 8:00am to get my mission call.  It was available for Priests and Laurels in our Stake, but Tom couldn't make it.  So I receive my call, Mexico, in some city I wouldn't even try to spell or pronounce. So I would be learning Spanish today.  It was a packet filled with Preach my Gospel, conference talks, a notepad, gospel pamphlets, bascially everything you need to be a missionary for a day in the MTC, except scriptures. I went sat down, and watched as people trickled in.  About ten minutes later, Brother Ratatta of the Stake Young Mens Presidency came up to me and said, "Battraw, can I see your packet." So I handed over my packet, and he takes and gives me a smaller one. I realize that it must have been Toms they had given me, so I looked my new packet over to see what it said. Nothing. Completely blank. It was very thin in comparison to one they had just taken. I looked over the few papers inside. Just blank forms.  Then the meeting started and I found out what I would be doing since I was doing this for my second year. I was now a missionary for the day for the Indianapolis, Indiana Cumberland Ward English Speaking mission. After a lesson, about 9:30, the few of us second years, maybe 7-8, were told to report to the gym and pick up three box lunches and wait for instructions.  After completeting that, I was driven 20 minutes out to meet the elders I would be with till 3:00pm that day.  It was Elder Knight and Knowles. First we had an appointment with someone who wanted to be baptized/  We talked about the Word of Wisdom and Enduring to the End.  Then it was lunch.  We ate our box lunches and then it was off to a 1pm appointment.  Another discussion, this time, the 1st one. We didn't get all the way through it, but tried our best.  2pm, we had another appointment, but that one feel through so we went tracting. We found 2 ladies who were interested, and were going to set up a later time.  The last house we did, someone let us in, and we had basically, the first discussion.  It was really cool.  The entire day was a lot of fun.  Then my ride showed up and took me back to the Stake Center where we had a final testimony meeting and then left.  It was a great day, and I can't wait for my own mission!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Progress on Papers

Today I officially submitted my papers to the Bishop, who will then send them on to the Stake President. Yesterday, I had my mission interview with Bishop Jensen.  It went really well, he just talked to me about my mission and how I should try and prepare for it.  It didn't take that long, but it was very useful.  I also finished up my physical today with my TB test.  We headed off to the doctors before school started to get it read, which didn't take long at all.  A nurse just ran her hand over arm to see if there was any bumps where I had gotten my shot.  There wasn't, so I passed.  My physical papers got mailed off today, so now I just need to wait for my final interview with the Stake President, then my papers are off to Salt Lake to decide where I'm going!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Visit to the Doctors

Friday I went to the Doctors to get my physical for my mission done.  I got to leave school about 15 minutes early and headed on over to the office.  When we got there, we waited for a few minutes and then proceeded on in.  They did the normal things, took my height, weight and checked to make sure that I wasn't blind.  Then it was off to my room! We got in there and got my blood pressure checked and got ready for the doctor.  Doctor Pafford came in, checked my lungs, spine and general body.  The usual things were checked. I was told the only thing I really had was over pronated arches in my feet, but other than that, I was fine. I got blood drawn, and then a Hep A shot and a Tuberculosis test done.  I have to go back Monday to see the results, but other than that, my physical is done! Sunday I have my interview with the Bishop and after that is the Stake President.  Then I get to submit my papers.  Almost there!