Monday, April 27, 2015

27 April 2015

Thats cool! I really hope that you don´t need the information for the FAFSA so if you could see about that would be great!  Registration for incoming freshmen is in June, so I don´t really need to worry about it until June.  Thanks so much! When will be girls camp? It will be after I get home?  I was thinking parties Brasilian style, music, pizza and dancing until 4:30 in the morning.  But we could just go until midnight if you want :) It will be a lot of fun though.  I got the phone call today asking me to which airport I would be going home and that was cool to have.  I might be getting home the 30th, I don´t know. It completely depends on the route.  If I go through Miami, then I might get home the 30th, If go through São Paulo then Atlanta, then its the 1st.  We´ll see.  In three weeks they will send my itinerary tell me how I get home.  What are 4 12´s?
  This week was pretty normal.  Tuesday we didn´t have District Meeting b/c the Zone Leaders were off to Manaus.  So we mostly just studied a little bit more and got ready for the day. Nothing too extreme happened TuesdayWednesday we participated in a Family Home Evening with Joelle and Fabio with the Elders Quorum President.  He showed the 3rd film in the Work and the Glory Series and it didn´t seem to go over too well.  Everybody was super tired and nobody was really understanding the film, but oh well.  It was interesting. Saturday night was the ward activity.  There is no word that translates into English for this type of activity  It was really cool.  There would be a question or scrambled word or a task apresented to everyone to complete.  There was a few like, count the number of doors or windows in the chapel, unscramble the word tangerina.  There was so really cool questions in there , it was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed it.  We had invited some of our investigators to come, but it didn´t work out for them.  We had a less active family that we´ve been visiting showed up as well! Sunday morning was a lot of running around trying to get everyone to church.  Lãone came to church for the first time, that was really cool.  We´ve been teaching here for about 2 weeks but this was the first time that she went to church.  That was really awesome.  Kennedy went to church this week and is excited to be baptized this next Saturday! He is the brother of a family of recent converts and it super cool! Sunday afternoon was the baptism of Elymara.  That was cool, her mom and family were all there to watch! Her sister Sabrinha, who is the only member of her family bore testimony at the  baptism! That was super cool! Its been a pretty awesome week! 
  I hope that everything is going great back at home! Have a great week! I miss you all! 

Elder Battraw

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