Monday, April 6, 2015

6 April 2015

David plays the saxophone? What kind, Alto, Tenor Bari?  Tenor I think is a little bit easier to learn than the others and its in Bb so not really hard to transpose music to C.I got a cake with the candles and everything, just haven´t had time to make it so far. Sounds like it was a fun Easter!  You are going to Maryland? When and why?  That would be super cool.  I´m still trying to register for classes for BYU, its taking a long time b/c my Eclestial Endorsement is not done yet, so  I can´t register for classes, super frustrating and has a long story with it that still is not over. I called my mission President and asked for him to do it today, so hopefully it´ll get done soon, after I register I´ll get my book list and everything, and then all I think that I will need can be resolved when I get home, I don´t think there is anything else yet. The first payment for Tuition is the 1st of July and the first housing payment might be then as well.  If there is anyway to take out a student loan without me being there, I could use that to make the first payments, but I don´t know if you can do that.  I will keep you updated on any other costs that can come up.
  So this week was pretty good here in Brasil.  Monday was of course the normal pday.  Nothing super spectacular monday.  Mostly just hanging out and relaxing after the long week.  Tuesday was District Meeting and was normal.  The training was on how we need to remember the importance of Christ during the Easter week.   Nothing too special.  Wednesday was a lot of fun.  My 20th birthday and was super cool.  The morning wasn´t too great b/c Elder Sanderson had ear problems so we ended going to the hospital and staying there for a while while the doctor looked over his ear. After that came home and got ready for the day.  The day was pretty normal.  I did open my present, The piano guys Wonders.  That was awesome thanks so much!  I did notice that you had already opened and listened to it:) Thanks so much though.  That night we had a Family Home Evening with one of the families in the ward.  It was pretty normal.  We shared a message about tithing and the importance of it.  Pretty cool.  Afterwards they invited us back in to their kitchen we they had pizza and rice and chicken with soda and when I entered they all started to sing Happy Birthday.  It was really cool . they are a super awesome family.  The next day I even got cake from another family in the ward.  The members here are pretty awesome.  The rest of the week was normal.  Saturday was the baptism of Joelle and Fabio.  That was super cool.  After teaching them for so long they were finally baptized! It was super spiritual baptism.  Next week will be their confirmation.  We are super excited for them both! General Conference was this weekend!  It was awesome.  We all watched in Portuguese. It was super cool.  The Saturday sessions all seemed to have a common theme, Marriage, but Sunday not as much.  Pres. Monson didn´t talk to much, but it was awesome that he annouced three new temples! Hati, Thailand and Costa do Marfim.  Those will be super cool.  The conference talks were all awesome.  The talk by Elder Holland was awesome.  I really liked that talk.  Elders Packer, Perry and Christoffersons talks were all really good as well.  I throughly enjoyed the general conference. It will be weird to watch the next conference in English and not portuguese. In the sunday morning session they were having a bit of difficulties getting the Portugese going, it started out in only english! But everything got working! Really awesome week, birthday baptism and conference.  Can´t ask for much more.  
  Hope that you all have a great week this week!  I miss you all! Have an awesome week!
Elder Battraw

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