Monday, April 20, 2015

20 April 2015

P-day was epic. At first, we just went to Walmart, then the library. But then we went to Skyzone. That was really awesome, with over 50 missionaries all playing dodgeball and volleyball. We had 1/3 of the whole mission there, and so got a great group discount. That night, I tried to make divinity for the first time. It turned out a little off-white, and kind of lumpy, but still tasted good.

Tuesday, we had Presidential interviews. When I heard about them, I first thought it would be an actual interview. Nope! Basically, we just chatted for a few minutes, then he gave me a bunch of advice, mostly on how to find investigators. Then, we took Elders Pratt and Whaley to the bike shop again, and talked to the woman who worked there again. Afterward, we cleaned out the area book more. 

Wednesday, we had Habitat for Humanity again. It's a lot different every time, and this time it was painting. We had 8 missionaries all painting a block of houses, and got through 3 of them. That took most of the day, until dinner. We went to Pepe's for lunch, and had the most interesting burrito I've ever heard of. It was called the California burrito, and all it had in it was steak, sour cream, and french fries. It was amazing! Literally the best burrito I've ever had, and it was huge. They had some interesting signs, too.

Then, we went back to the apartment, and went out for our first dinner-less than an hour after lunch. Fortunately, it was a to-go dinner, so we weren't too full for our second dinner. It was a pass-off dinner at the stake president's house, with us getting an awesome investigator from P2. She has a mormon boyfriend, and knows almost as much as the missionaries, and has read the Book of Mormon and wants to be baptized. Basically, the lessons are a formality. Either way, the lesson went well.

Thursday, we stayed in proselyting clothes for the longest time. We dressed up really early because a member was making us breakfast. We did that, then had district meeting. Afterward, we went to Pick-Up-Stix, an Asian restaurant. I got the best fortune ever there-

At dinner that night, we went to a SWAT team member's house. Last time we went there, he showed us a video of what he'd done earlier- shoot a machine gun out of a helicopter. This time, he told us about his time as a jail guard, and all the fun ways he'd seen inmates make weapons, out of Jolly Ranchers, Styrofoam, and how to get razor blades out of the razors without guards noticing. Then, we learned how to smuggle drugs into jail. All of this probably won't come in handy, but isn't bad to know, just in case. That night, we did more setup for the 10 virgins pageant. Later, we got leadership calls, and learned that Elder Wilding is going to be a zone leader. 

Friday, we finished setting up the pageant. All in all, we were there for four days. After setup, we learned what we were going to be doing the next day. Afterward, we got to see P2's shattered car window. Apparently, someone had gone around in their apartment complex and broke 8 car windows. Nothing was stolen, not even their GPS in plain sight. 

Saturday morning was the much-vaunted 10 virgins pageant, the stake women's conference. We had set up tables for 280 people, and had to set up more by the end. We made 300 salads to start with, and nearly all of them got handed out. 

We had a pretty good assembly line setup going on, and knocked them all out in half an hour. Then, we had to serve them. Each companionship had to hand out bread, water, and salads to 4 or 5 tables, 40 or 50 people, and be ready to help. That was just a little stressful. After it was all done and everyone had left (we didn't actually see the pageant, we were making the salads at the time), we tore everything down. Despite the 4 days it took to set it all up, it took under two hours to clean it all up. That night, I tried making divinity again. It turned out pretty well this time, largely because I used an electric mixer this time. It actually turned out white, and had no lumps. Afterward, we went to Sonic to await transfer calls. We eventually got ours-Elder Wilding is going to Anaheim singles ward, and I'm staying in Brea 1 with a new companion, Elder Mackey. 

Sunday was interesting. It was Elder Wilding's last full day in the area, after being there for 9 1/2 months. He got loads of goodbyes at church, and then packed for a few hours afterward. Normally, missionaries will accumulate junk until they are transferred, then throw away most of it. He had 6 transfers worth of junk to go through, so that took a while. After that, at Persian, we had 8 missionaries there, mostly to see Wilding off. Their dog was in the middle of a shed, so it looked like it had lost a fight with hair clippers, as an unrelated sidenote. Here are some other funny pictures from this week:

Oh, and this morning, we managed to set the kitchen on fire. It was nothing too serious; one of us had spilled something on the burner earlier, then turned it on this morning. We still managed to fill the kitchen with ash, but that was the extent of the damage.

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