Monday, May 4, 2015

4 May 2015

I did get the other emails thanks so much for filing my FAFSA!  My ecelestial endorsement cleared so its all good now, I just have to wait for registration now! Hopefully the government gives us lots of money:)  I saw on the emails that there was marching band auditions but the dates have already passed for the auditions and I´m in a three world country without a clarinet, problems needless to say.  I´ll just have to try again next year when the auditions come around.  The spaghetti dinner sounds like a lot of fun, wow, its been awhile since I´ve eaten spaghetti.   In regards to calling home I will probably call home about 4 pm local time here.  When do you all have church? Is it in the morning or the afternoon? I can try to call later but I will have to see.  Send me an email when you I can call home.
  This week was interesting.  Monday we spend part of the day here in Manacapuru in the church just relaxing with the other elders, and then we ran home and packed our bags and we caught the bus to Manaus.  I did get an official call about when I will be coming home. I will be coming home, Manaus to Miami and then I don´t know the rest but I will get to Indianapolis somehow. In 2 weeks I will receive my itinerary to get home.  Its quite strange to say the least! Monday was spent in Manaus.  We had our normal tradition of getting pizza as a district which was cool.  Tuesday was a Zone Training in the chapel of Compensa.  It was really cool and enforced the importance of marking baptismal dates.  We always raised our Standard of Missão Manaus! It was quite cool.  Then it was grabbing a bus back to Manacapuru.  Never is quite fun getting the bus back. Wednesday was normal.  Thursday normal.  Friday we got to participate in a Family Home Evening that was really cool.  Had lots of nonmembers there. We shared a message about the Saviors love and how we need to have a similiar type of that love.  It was cool.  Played a game called Little Spot if you translate the name that was a lot of fun. That night was also a marriage in the chapel.  I played the prelude music to marriage and then Elder D. Silva played during the actual marriage.  Elder D. Silva knows how to play the piano really well! Saturday was the baptism of Kennedy.  It was super special.  He was the only member of his family who was not baptized and during his baptism when they called his name to enter into the font, his mom broke down crying.  There  was a super special spirit at that baptism.  Elismara and Kenndy were both confirmed Sunday.  Its been a good week this week! 
  Hope that everything is going great back home! I miss you all! Until Sunday! 
Elder Battraw

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