Monday, May 18, 2015

18 May, 2015

What would be my preference? It would probably be to live upstairs.  I just wouldn´t want to share bed with him, thats it.  Sounds like you all had a pretty busy week! How was the PA Fest? What was the theme this year?  Swimming lessons, where? would I get to use the car?  That would be something to do during the summer.  I got the final word on my itinerary.  So I will leave Manaus to Miami at 12:01 am and I get to Indianapolis at 12:08pm (midday) on June 30.  They will officially send my itinerary next week, according to the secretaries.  It will be fun.  Its a lot better then trying to go to Brasil.  It´ll be cool.  
  This week was a bit crazy. Monday was normal, just the normal p day routine! Tuesday was the last district meeting of the transfer with Elder Jesus and Pablo.  That was fun to have with both of them.  Wednesday Elder Jesus and Pablo both left for Manaus in the afternoon so I stayed with Elder D. Silva in Manacapuru for the rest of that day.  It was cool to be able to work with him for a day.  Thursday we got to work a little bit and then we as well left for Manaus to be able to get there for the mission tour by Elder Schmeil of the Seventy.  The trip was pretty good, normal.  We stayed with the assistants that night.  The next morning we got up and headed over to the chapel for the mission tour.  It was really cool to listen to Elder Schmeil talk.  He talked a lot about exact obedience as missionaries.  The tour only lasted until mid day, so afterwards we had lunch at the chapel and then we headed to the temple to do a session there.  That night we got to go to a restaurant called Mr. Pizzo that is all you can eat and it was really good.  Saturday morning we headed back to Manacapuru to be able to help out with a baptism that was scheduled for that night.  That day was mostly running around filling up the font and getting everything set up.  Sunday morning was Stake Conference in Manaus so the 2 wards in Manacapuru had rented 4 buses to be able to get there so we tagged along.  The buses left  the chapel at 7:30 in the morning and got to Manaus about 9:30.  The Conference was really good. One of the speakers was Elder Mazzagardi of the Seventy and his talk was really good.  He said one of the best ways to strengthen the church and its members is to teach them how to hold the Sabbath day holy.  That was really cool.  Another quote was The Restoration, the plan of salvation, chapels , meetings everything in the church would be useless without temples.  That was one of my favorite quotes from the conference for sure.  After that we went and visited a few people in Manaus with Elder Pablo.  Today was the transfer and I got my new companion, Elder Fernandes from João Pessoa. Hes seems really cool so I´m excited for this next transfer! We got back to Manacapuru today.  
 I hope that you all have a great week! I miss you all!
Elder Battraw

Statistics: 5 days of traveling
8 buses (4 in Manaus 4 to and from Manacapuru) 
400+ km
30 hours of sleep:)
Money spent : More than I wanted to

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