Monday, April 7, 2014

7 April 2014

Exciting for Tom that he is getting ready for to start his mission paperwork.  Thats super cool that the Bishop took them out for the priesthood session this year and helped them out!   Priesthood session here was pretty cool, went out for Subway (I know that you are all jealous).
  Here this week has been pretty cool.  Monday, the pday norm, just só de boa.  Tuesday we got to have our District meeting here in Tancredo Neves which went awesome.  District Meetings here are always a bunch of fun.  Tuesday I got to spend the day in the Zone Leaders area as we did splits,so I didn´t end up spending my birthday in our area.  I did end up eating lunch in my area before we split up and ended up getting a birthday present.  One of the daughters there when I told her that it was my birthday got really excited .  After lunch when we were preparing to share a quick message with the family, she asked my companion how to spell my name and then emerged quickly after with a present and card.  Super nice of her, but the present was a large bottle of womens perfume.  Water and breezes if you translate  the name. I don´t really know what I´m going to do with it. Wednesday, we got to leave with a member of another ward to do visits and they´re going great.  We have one investigator who is super prepped to hear our message.  He went to church this past week, I guess two weeks ago now, just because his friend in another STATE told him that he should.  Didn´t get a chance to teach him this week but super exciting. One of the investigators made a cake for me as well and had a quick party (Brasilians are super awesome). Thursday was normal, just working and going and teaching everyone.  Friday didn´t get to leave the house b/c my companion was sick.  Saturday was General Conference! Which was super awesome!  We all went to the Stake Center here and I got to watch it in English with all the other American missionaries.  Super cool.  Before priesthood session Saturday night, all the elders went out to Subway.  Only american restaurant here in Porto Velho except Mcdonalds which is all the way downtown in the shopping mall ( which we´re not allowed to enter).  Sunday was General Conference and transfers! My companion and I are staying here in Porto Velho, but we´re going to be getting another companionship in our house so we need to get everything ready!
  Hope that you all will have a great week! I miss all of you!  See Ya!

Elder Battraw

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