Monday, March 31, 2014

31 March 2014

Poor Tom, did they use the same medicine that they used on me, the one that makes you forget everything that happened or was it a different med? Zach had a concert? super cool.  What music did they play? Matthew looks a lot older  than I remember him, its kinda of weird.  Campout was where this weekend, was it nearby or was it a bit farther away.  Thanks for the money.  I´ll make sure to spend it all:). I still have some cookie mix that I saved for my birthday so we´ll probably make that tomorrow to celebrate my birthday.
  So this week, monday/ pday was normal.  Just did the normal things, email, buy food the usual.  Tuesday we left for Marcus Feiries which is quite a distance away to have lunch with a member, but when we were returning, my companion wasn´t feeling too well so we ended up going home and staying there the rest of the day.  He has problems with eating salt, here salt is basically the only seasoning that they used so sometimes he leaves lunch not feeling too well.  That was my tuesday. Wednesday we left and were able to spend the day talking to investigators and the normal people.  Thursday was pretty normal as well.  We´ve started contacting all the recent converts in the branch here to ask for references for people to teach.  President Klein has challenged us to do so.  Our list is extensive so it´ll take a while to talk to everyone. Friday we almost had exchanges with the zone leaders.  They´d marked for 2pm for us to be there and do the exchange.  Well, got there about 2:20 b/c they´d called to say that they would be running late and started to wait.  2:40 called them and they said it would be arriving (phrase doesn´t translate to english, but it would take awhile to get there).  3:15 they called and said it would be 30 more minutes.  4:32pm, called and they said to return back to area b/c it would be a little while.  Found out later they didn´t get home until 6pm.  Reason why:  They were doing a service project and at the end, the member they were with starting lecturing them on marrying in the temple and eternal marriage.  Kinda of difficult to do that when you are a missionary.   Exchange will be tomorrow now.  Saturday we went to a pre-marriage party that they have here in Brasil. The members had invited us b/c there were lots of non members there and we now have two families to teach!  That night was also the night where the ward/branch had a kinda of party with our investigators! Was pretty cool.  Had an awesome message and then afterward we had trivia, in Portuguese.  Was a little hard for me, but I held my own.  Sunday church as usual, but it was raining so it took a little bit longer for everyone to get there.  And that was my week. Today was my 8 month mark on my mission! Super pumped.  Time is passing really fast here!
  Thanks for the money and the letters!  Thanks for the pictures as well!  Next week will be transfers and general conference and I´m super pumped .  Will hopefully get to watch in english, but we´ll see!  Have an awesome week! Miss all of you!
Elder Battraw

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