Monday, March 24, 2014

24 March 2014

Thanks for the packages! Got one this week with chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies as well.  Made peanut butter cookies today! Super good.  They don´t have peanut butter here in Brasil, at least the north doesn´t.  Found out this week that São Paulo and some cities in the South have Walmart so I think they have it down there.  Giving away the Mac?  If you could get all the music off of t first I wanted to get some of it, but never had the chance.  Its located in the PirateX icon up in the top right corner if I´m remembering correctly.  If you don´t its okay.  Congrats for Sam on making life. Just eagle for now, has Tom finished up his Eagle?
  This week started with the normal p day.  Just normal, nothing really special happened.  Tuesday had District Meeting here in Tancredo Neves, but some of the elders who were coming got lost on the way here and we had to relay instructions to them to be able to make it here.  Made life just a little bit more interesting. They´d descended at the wrong bus stop and had to get back on the bus. But everything turned out okay in the end.  Was a good meeting.  Wednesday we had a huge long list of people who were less actives that we had to go visit.  Only managed to pass 7 houses out of the 20, but it was still pretty good. That night we had 4 other elders who were arriving at our house to stay the night for the zone training/conference the next da.  They got there about 11:00pm that night and our one room with a/c wasn´t working and had only one fan.  Nobody slept really well that night.  The Zone Training was really good Thursday.  Was a lot of information about how we need to teach our investigators.  Had lunch and then interviews with President Klein.  My companion found from president that his fiancee who was waiting for him, turned out to have married 4 months ago. Friday was normal, just keep on keeping on.  Saturday we had a baptism of the cousin of the Relief Society President and that was really cool.  Gots lot of pictures taken that I´ll try and send.  She´d been investigating the church for 4 years on and off b/c she´d had lots of people always saying to her that the Book of Mormon wasn´t true and were putting a lot of pressure on her, but she made the decision this week to be baptized and it was really special. Sunday we had two sacrament meetings.  One in the morning and another that night for a group who live right next to our area.  We were there to help with the transition to this chapel.  Doesn´t have a lot of people yet, but its going well!
  Plans for general conference will be heading to the stake center to watch the sessions there.  Not a lot of people here have internet and if we try and watch conference in one of the computer cafes I think we´ll crash the server (internet isn´t very good here).   I´ve acutally been putting the conference talks on a speaker that I have, (little speaker that has a usb port that they sell everywhere here) to be a ble to listen to them. Its really nice!  Thanks for those cds as well!  Got to go now! Have a great week! Miss all of you!
Elder Battraw

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