Monday, March 17, 2014

17 March 2014

You ran into Brother Rodda!  Hes pretty awesome!  He was the one who gave me the scripture in DC 9:8-9 about how answer of the spirit come.  He helped me a lot getting my papers ready.  Oh, it was Pi Day this week.  I didn´t really realize that. Forgot. 5th place at the pinewood derby!  I do think thats the best that our family has done yet. Working at the hospital sounds like it is really busy. Switching around all the patients and getting everything ready to go!  Here things are starting to cool down a little bit. We are in the middle of the rainy season here and its definitely been raining.  Almost everyday will rain at least one time. A little crazy.
  So this week, monday, p day, did the normal routine, rested, played cards the norm.  Tuesday my new companion, Elder Macário got here.  Elder Housley (old companion) and Elder Green stayed with us for the day working and helping get everything in order.  Elder Greens new companion, Elder Nordgran, showed up later that night so he left. I actually already knew Elder Nordgran because he was my District Leader back in the Provo MTC!  First time I´d seen him in 6 months!  Wednesday I managed to get two packages that had shown up (took 3-4 months to arrive).  One of them had a whole bunch of birthday stuff in it, so Elder Housley and his new companion, Elder Mount, grabbed the box and took it to a members house to bake cake and had a surprise birthday party for me, even though it was 3 weeks early.   That was pretty cool.  They left Thursday for their area. Thursday was pretty nice.  A missionary of the branch here returned from his mission in Brasil so we got to be there when he returned! Kinda of weird to see a missionary returning from his mission while I´m still on my mission.   Friday was working, going from door to door. Saturday was basically the same thing. I teach an English class right now for people here, to anybody that shows up and this week we had an investigator show up with his daughter, so we gave them a quick tour of the church that they really liked and then taught some quick English. Sunday, was crazy.  We have a family of investigators who live pretty far away who needed a ride to church, so when I tried calling them to get a ride, our cell phone credit ran out! Got some more credit Sunday morning so I managed to get them a ride, we helped another family get to church as well. We had lots of other people show up as well.  All in all, 15 people were visiting the church, almost all for the first time.  Was a bit of a race, when the first hour was over, it was more or less running down the hall, asking how people were, directing them to the correct room, and then running to the next group of people to help them out.  One of the ladies was 95yrs old and had to be helped wherever she went.  It was really great but a little tiring.  One of our investigators didn´t show up until 20 minutes before church ended, and needed to be confirmed, so we got him inside, asked the Branch President if we could confirm at the end of sacrament meeting and got him confirmed. Was a little crazy to say the least. 
  This week President Klein is flying out to Porto Velho to have a meeting with all the missionaries so we are all super excited for that!I got 2 packages this week.  One had hot chocolate, 2 cds (MOTAB and Piano Guys, A Family Christmas) and the other birthday materials and a CD of BYU Mens Chorus. I think everything got there. Thanks for sending those packages! It was really awesome to have a mini birthday party, even if it was a bit early!  Thanks so much! Hope you all have a great week !  Miss you all!
Elder Battraw

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