Monday, April 28, 2014

28 April 2014

Thanks for the picture of the new house! I remember that house now!  Pretty nice house, does it have a deck out in the back?  Happy Birthday this week Mom!  Congrats!  Exciting that Marching Band is starting up again!  I  can call a bit later on Mothers Day, I think I´ll probably try and call about 5pm your time, about 6pm here to talk.  I know a few members here who have Skype, but I try to get something arranged. Q and U got married?  Thats a bit different,  I haven´t heard of that before. Mr. Fassold and Mr. Sturgeon, two of the most teachers in the world.   Its been a while since I was in their classes but they were awesome teachers.  I loved both of them. I don´t know if you remember Mr. Fassolds thing with the box .  That the first day of school we all wrote our names on a piece of paper and he put them all inside of a box.  Then on the last day of school he decided who that year had been able to prove that they were able to think out side of the box! I was one of them!   Sturgeon was the biggest star wars nerd ever.  I want to know if he still has the 4ft model of a starship hanging from his ceiling. If you could send their emails to me I want to send an email to them.
  So my week has been a bit different than the usual. Monday was the normal p day.  We did a companion exchange where I went with Elder Alvorado from Bolivia for the day and we ended up buying a whole bunch of junk food and watched the Testaments. We both discovered that we are also both addicted to Sprite (one of the few American drinks that they have here).  Tuesday we had a Zone training which was super good.  Talked a lot of about the Key Indicators that we have and how we need to be using them.  Super good, and afterward we tried to do companionship exchanges, but my companion recieved a phone call from the assistants and was emergency transferred to Manaus, so Tuesday was mainly just staying at home while he packed up his bags to be able to leave. Wednesday morning we dropped him off at the airport super early in the morning and came back home. That day I got to spend the day in Teixarão with some of the other elders.  Fun to be able to go into another area and be able to work there for a day. Thursday, I was able to leave with a member so I was able to do some work in Tancredo Neves.  Right now its mostly just trying to find people to teach. Friday was mainly the  same thing going on.  Left with a member to be able to teach for the  day.  Saturday was the same that day.  We managed to find some really cool people who live pretty far away from us but are super excited to hear our message.  Their names are Isais and Jailson.  They´re neighbors and are excited to hear about the Book of Mormon and our message.  We were able to find them through a reference from some of the other elders here in Porto Velho. Sunday was super exciting.  80 people came to church that day and many were people that its been a long time since they´ve been to church and its super exciting to see them becoming more and more excited.   This branch here in Tancredo Neves is starting to become excited about missionary work and its really cool to see them becoming so.  Pretty awesome day to say the least.
 Thanks for the pictures! Its cool to see whats going on back at home. Hope you all have a great week this week and Happy Birthday one more time Mom! Miss all of you and have an awesome week!
Elder Battraw

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