Monday, May 5, 2014

5 May 2014

That sounds like a fun birthday!   Cake and pizza always works out pretty well.   Here the pizza is a little bit different, doesn´t have tomato sauce and is covered in vegtables, like corn and tomatoes and olives. Cake is more like really sweet cornbread here those this week I did get to try cupo açou cake  (ask Brother Lopez) and it was super good! Misato got her mission call!  Super exciting!  Sacramento California, super excited for her! Do you know when she will leave? Hopefully the house will come through.  It looks like a pretty good house to have and is still really close to the chapel.  We´ve been doing some house business this week as well but I´ll write about that later. You´re getting married!  Thats exciting.  Its a little weird to think that you´re getting married but okay! Congrats!  Super excited! Ross is coming home in a month!  Probably they´ll go to Manaus which is an hour away from my area by plane so probably no, I won´t be close to them.
This week was a little different as well.  Monday was the normal pday until about 6pm.  The assistents called and said that the elders of Teixarão would be transferred to Manaus and that I was going to recieve my companion that Saturday, elder Acchura from Bolivia. So the next day i went to Mamore, which is in the South Zone of Porto Velho. I stayed there doing visits with the elders there and it was pretty awesome.  That night we got to cross a river in the middle of the night that only had a plank of wood that went out into the middle and then had another that went to the other side as well.  Pretty interesting to do when you don´t have a lot of light to be able to cross. That night I got another phone call from the assistents saying that Wednesday I was to return to my area 6pm and wait there for my companion to arrive.  So Wednesday was packing up my backup with my stuff and returning back to my area.  Got there about 6:15 and found out that President Klein was actually coming as well to drop off my companion as well.  8:40 they got to our house with Sister Klein and one of the assistents along with my companion.  Pres. Klein took a brief look at the house and told us that we needed to repaint the house so you can guess what we did almost all of Thursday.  Buying paint and painting.  We´re still not done yet, but its getting close.   It looks way better now.    Friday we finally got to leave the house and we did some visits with some of our investigators along with showing my companion the area.  Hes pretty cool, but its kinda of funny b/c hes super short  and I´m kinda of tall. We had the elders from Ariquemes stay in our house that night b/c we had the Zone Conference the next day.  Woke up Saturday super early to go to the Conference which lasted from 8-11.  President and Sister Klein were both there and we got to learn a lot about how to use the My Family pamphlets and how to use them with recent converts. That night was also Stake Conference which was super cool.  We had a funny experience happen with my companion as well that day.  One of the American elders that was staying with us recieved a package that was full of packing peanuts along with candy and the such. My companion who had never seen packing peanuts like these thought that they were candy and snagged one and took a bite out of it and promptly spit it back out. Really funny!! Sunday was pretty normal .  One of the families that we´ve been teaching is getting ready to be baptized and we´re super excited for them! Pretty crazy week!
Thanks for the email addresses! I´ll make sure to write the two of them. Congrats on your birthday and engagement! Have a great week!  Miss all of you! What time will you be home this Sunday? I think I´m going to call 4-5pm via skype!  Miss all of you!
Elder Battraw

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