Monday, May 19, 2014

19 May 2014

I always knew that the bass clarinet made the sexiest sound when played correctly.  Prom was this weekend. Super cool!  Its a little weird to think that this is the first year in 3 to not go Prom.  Super cool to see all the pictures of all the people!  Did Stirling not go to Prom?  Shout out to Gabe and Karsten, two pretty awesome people! Who is kutler and gabes date.  Is it Claire Williams? Super cool. I´m really jealous of the Olive Garden. Sam and Nathan are taking piano lessons?  Thats awesome, when did they start? Super cool week. congrats on finishing the class!
  So this week was super crazy, as usual.   Monday p day as normal.   Tuesday was district meeting which was great but was about 45 minutes late b/c the missionaries who are responsible for that building ending up getting there a little bit later than normal. Still great.  Found out that one of the other elders in my zone knows how to play the piano and knows how to speak music geek as well so we spent 15 minutes having fun arranging hark the herald angels sing and angels we have heard on high and it sounded pretty awesome.  Returned to my area and got to work there. Wednesday was pretty normal for us. Thursday was nuts.  We had an appointment in the morning so went to that, went straight to lunch, from lunch caught a bus and headed off into another part of our area and worked there until about 9:00pm and then returned home.  Nuts.  Friday was a bit more normal.   Saturday we ended walking about 4 kilometers to get to an appointment which was a bit nuts.  The conversation was more or less like this.  Oh the next appointment isn´t too far away, lets walk, oh the next isn´t too far away, lets walk.  until we ended up on the other side of our area.  A little bit crazy to say the least but we caught the bus back which was nice. Sunday, church was nice but we have an elevator in our chapel and Sunday right before sacarment meeting ended up getting  stuck with people inside of it which ended up in a 30 minute effort to get the elevator up to the 2nd floor to be able to get the emergency doors open.  Everybody was fine, but this is the 2nd time this has happened so I don´t know what is going to happen with the elevator.  Sunday we ended up getting 4 buses running back and forth from either end of our area.  Whew, we were a little tired yesterday when we stumbled into the house. But its been a good week.  lots of getting on and off the bus.  I think my companion and I are officially experts at riding the bus right now.
 Thanks for the email! Hope that you all have a great week this week. I miss all of you!  Have a great week!
Elder Battraw

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