Monday, May 26, 2014

26 May 2014

Its already the last week of school! Super cool! When will be graduation? Will it be in a week or two?  Back when I was in Boise, we were on bikes for a month so during that time we got into several bike problems so I was able to pick up a few things on how to do maintenance on a bike.  We had several members of the ward who were avid bike riders as well who helped us out whenever we had a problem with one of the bikes or all three of them at times.  Wow, already out swimming, I agree right now its a little cold, here as well, I´ll explain later.  Super cool that Grandma Young and Spencer are coming on out for graduation.  When is the wedding going to be?
  This week was running back and forth again.  Monday was the normal p day, hanging out relaxing.  Tuesday was Zone Conference which was cool.  Got  to see the whole Zone.  We all had to introduce ourselves to everyone in the front singing everything that we said.  We had someone do their introduction to funky (Brazilian version of rap and pop mixed together), had someone do it to les miserables, primary music, and I did it to singing in the rain. Pretty fun to do one of the sisters was videotaping the whole thing as well:) Wednesday till Friday was running around visiting people.  We´ve  been using the bus a lot these past few weeks to make visits out on the far end of our area.   Its been pretty fun. Saturday the weather did something very weird, it hit 68 degrees, and with wind chill (yes there was wind chill!!!!) it was maybe 64.  It was exactly like Indiana.  I could not believe it.   Cloudy and overcast both Saturday and Sunday and I think the city almost called a state of emergency:).  Lets just say people here are not prepared for temperture below 70 degrees.   Almost everybody we talked to talked about how they didn´t like the cold, and usually they turned to me after saying that and say,  but this is normal for you right?  Definetely interesting.  Saturday we had the baptism of an 18 year old whose family almost entirely are members of the church.  He finally made the choice to be baptized as well and it was super cool to  see.
  Well that was my week in a quick summary.  Hope that you all are doing okay! I miss you all! Have an awesome week!
Elder Battraw

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