Monday, June 2, 2014

2 June 2014

Schools out finally for them !! Graudation is this saturday? Super cool, I want photos!!! I got two packages this week .  One was with muffin mixes and the other was a box full of cookie and other.   I honestly have to say this was one of my favorite packages, the jelly beans and  chex mix are already gone. Thanks so much.   I remember the blood and TB testing, that was super fun.  He needs to get lots of vaccines for his mission as well,  all the fun ones like yellow fever:)
   This week was pretty normal, I wish i could say the something super exciting happened, but this week was just normal.  Monday, the pday, Tuesday was Zone Conference, the last one with President Klein:( Was super cool the conference.  Sister Klein was crying the whole time.   The whole mission is going to miss them.  They leave at the end of this month when President Castro will get here.  The World Cup is getting really close now and Brasil is turning into the colors green and yellow, colors of the brasilian team.  We found out this week that President Klein is letting us be able to watch Brasil play in the World Cup.  Here everybody will be watching when Brasil will play, the city has declared those day holidays and anybody who is attending school that day will watch those games in school.  Its pretty serious here the World Cup all the missionaries are very excited.   The rest  of the week went pretty normally. Lots of teaching. and walking. I have officially declared one pair of my shoes dead and that they cannot be used more.  I did manage to get a new pair of boots to wear.  All of the nice shoes that they sell here are not very durable so lots of the missionaries use boots b/c they are the only thing that hold up for more than 2 months.  I´ll send pictures next week.  We´ve found a  couple of new families to teach now and they´re super excited aobut here about the gospel.  They just need to get married though and they´re working toward it.  We´re super excited for them!!!!  
   Sorry I didn´t write too much this week.  Hopefully this next week I´ll have more to write about.   Hope that you all are doing great. Have fun at the graduation!!!   I miss and love all of you !

Elder Battraw

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