Monday, April 14, 2014

14 April 2014

Way to go for Tom, thats a pretty good idea to use for prom!  Too bad you didn´t find all of the eggs.  You´ll probably find it in about five months!  What does the house look like? Could you send pictures?  Thats weird to think that I´ll be returning to a different house. Everybody here is taking really good care of me.  Our branch president said to us one time that nobody in the church will only go hungry if they chose to. People here are always ready to help us here so its pretty awesome. Marching is starting up again soon? Thats super cool.  Tell Sam to send me all the details and pictures especially.  National Guard?  I´ll put it under consideration right now.  Theres a lot of things that I want to do right now!
  So this week, where to begin.  Monday, the normal pday.  The new elders of Teixarão got here this week, Elder Gardner and Elder Alvorado.  They´re pretty cool and we spent a lot of p day showing them around the area.  Tuesday was District Meeting!  Super cool as usual. Had one of the assistants there and was fun to have him there.  Had a cool little miracle that night.  We´d stopped by the Relief Society presidents house that night to find out who would be giving lunch the next day (was 8:00pm)  and she didn´t know.  She started to cool people trying to see who could give lunch the next day for four elders and after an hour, somebody agreed.  The only problem was that it would be fairly complicated to be able to get to her house.  We´d have catch a bus that passes only once an hour to be able to descend at a location that we didn´t know. Her husband(who is very less active and doesn´t like the missionaries for some reason) butted in and said, Èlders this is really complicated.  Heres some money to buy lunch tomorrow.  And that was that.First time that hes spoken to us in the 3 months I´ve been here. Super cool.  Wednesday was normal, rained a lot. Thursday was pretty darn awesome. We got to teach an investigator whose name is Jehovah, and hes super cool and is interested in the church.  Friday, normal.  Saturday that night we had a baptism of  22 year old who is currently serving in the Brazilian Army as an engineer. Super humble and super prepared to hear our message.  We also found a new house that we can move into now! Don´t know if I´d mentioned it before,but we are moving from the house that we are in now and we´ve finally found a house that we can move into!  Its an apartment that is actually in the same apartments as the Branch President and is right across the street from the Relief Society President with the chapel less than 100 ft from our house.  Perfect. Sunday was normal.  Had church as normal and lunch was really good.  The wife gave us all advice on how to find a spouse after our missions.  People here really like to talk to elders about how to find a wife. It´ll be awhile before I use the advice. 
   Thanks for the email and all the pictures!  Hope that you all have a great week this week! Miss all of you! 
Elder Battraw

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