Monday, April 21, 2014

21 April 2014

Thats super cool that Uncle Michael and Aunt Becca came out to visit for Easter.  Sounds like a fun Easter, getting to go out play in the park, do easter eggs along with dinner.  Here Easter was pretty normal, but I´ll talk about that later. So its final now that we will have a new house when I come back.  It better be a nice apartment.  I´m thinking along the lines of a 50´tv with surround sound. laptop, you know the basics.:)Cell phone too, that would be cool! Sounds like a super cool week. 
  Here was pretty much the normal week.  Monday, I got to go to the hospital with my companion  because he woke up with a high fever and after talking to Sister Klein, she advised going to the hospital.  The hospital though was completely packed here when we got there with the branch president(who had given us a ride).  Took an half and hour to get admitted and he got a test done to see if he had malaria, but came out negative.  By this time the fever was going down so they let us go back home.  Got home at midnight and still had to wake up 6:30 the next day. Ugh. Tuesday we got a phone call from President Klein telling us that we were not to move houses but the mission would pay to fix up the house we are in now.  Right now we are in the process of buying all the nessecary items like new stove refrigerator to be able to get the house up to code. Fun stuff.  We get new beds and everything.  I hope we get everything down before the transfer so I actually have time to be able use the new stuff. Wednesday was pretyy darn normal, nothing extroadinary We tried to do a visit with a member to be able to visit one of our investigators, but when we got there, they were there. Total time round trip. 1.5 hours. Pretty far away to say the least. Thursday, lets see. Normal as well. Friday, was interesting.  We got to learn some of the traditions of Easter here in Brasil.  One, the friday saturday and sunday, depending on how a religious a person is, depends on how much beef they eat.  Generally people eat only fish and pork those days here.  You can definitely tell in the streets because people had pickup trucks full of fish in the back along with ice and were selling them out in the streets.  I think there is a health code violation in there somewhere. We had fish for lunch as well friday but I decided not to ask where they had bought it. That night I also recieved my first easter egg here in Brasil.  Here they look much more like a present than like an egg.  Made of the same chocolate as crunch bars and they´re hollow, usually with a small little candy inside of it. Saturday, had our meeting with the Ward mission leader for the last time.  He got released Sunday and now we have a new WML.  Sunday, went to church, but was completely normal. Nobody talked about Easter or anything .  When we were walking home from lunch that day though, we went buy a stand that was selling easter eggs. That man that was selling them knew me and ended up giving me a free egg! Pretty awesome!
  Thanks for the letter! Hope you all have a great week this week!  I do have a few questions for you though about this doctor working with the national guard.  do you know how much a cardiac surgeon makes in a year, how long is the schooling, what hours do you work every week, just the details about being a cardiac surgeon and if you could be really awesome, what schools offer this type of degree or certification and is there someway of doing this like that doctor was doing with the National Guard?  Thanks, I was thinking a lot about it this week. Thanks for the letter and I miss you all!
Elder Battraw

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