Monday, February 3, 2014

4 February 2014

Yes i can finally say that package number one has finally arrived here in Porto Velho! Thanks so much for the twinkies and pancakes.  It was a little bit of an adventure trying to make them on a gas stove for the first time, but they turned out okay with th help of my companion!  After looking at the package, we think we finally figured out why they took so long to get here.  The package had been opened and inspected by the Brazilian government.  The value on it was marked so low and not enough contents were listed that they figured something was up and opened it up and inspected it.  I don´t think anything was missing, but that probably contributed to why it took so long!
  So this week has been pretty good. Monday was p day and we had two other companionships in our house b/c they had to travel for the zone training the next day. One area was an hour and a half away and the other was three hours by bus. Tuesday was zone training and was pretty awesome. Got there and had the whole zone there and got to listen to the zone leaders as they taught the training, and I got my package.  So pretty awesome. Wednesday through Saturday was pretty normal.  Nothing really extrodiniary happened this week.  One of the  big excitements was that on of our sink faucets broke and we had to get it replaced.  The nice thing about our house, is that b/c nothing in it is really expensive, its all pretty easy to replace.  We ended up spending 5 reais and getting a little wet, but it no longer leaks water and works better than the old one. Hopefully nothing else breaks as well Sunday we were able to get one of our investigators confirmed, pedro, an eight year old.   He´d been baptized the week before and now it was time to get confirmed.   Pretty awesome. Got to eat my first fish where you picked all the meat of it.  It was sunday for lunch and the member just plunked down this huge maybe 5 pound fish in front of us, almost completely whole and told us to get eat.  I don´t know if I´ve mentioned this already, but the members here feed us A LOT.  Always when we have meals with members or anyone really, they always say, pode come elder, pode come ( eat, elder, eat)Never leave a members house hungry unless you want to be hungry. 
  Today, we actually got to have a baptism on p day.  His name is Anderson and he is 21 yrs old.  We´ve been teaching him for the past two weeks and today he got baptized!  Was pretty awesome.  The week will be pretty awesome as well! President Klein is coming to Porto Velho this Friday as well to do  Zone Conference as well as  do a series of meetings with all the local leadership.  It´ll be really awesome to hear from him!  Thanks for the package!  Hope to be able to write more next week!  Have a great week this week!
Love Elder Battraw

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