Monday, February 24, 2014

24 February, 2014

That sounds like a pretty cool week!  Kutler, Grant and Ben all got their Eagles, thats pretty awesome!  So its finally starting to stop snowing and warming up now. Sounded like it would never end there.   I personally haven´t received a list of names, but I will check again.  How is work going for Tom?  I hear most people work at McDonalds for a few days/weeks and then quit because its not very good.  First camping trip for Zach, pretty awesome!

  So my week, well,  monday we went downtown to visit the elder who was in the hospital and he was doing way better. Got to see the flood waters down  by the river.  Its really starting to flood down there.  They have a muesuem down by the river that I guess they thought would be fine, but ended up having a half foot of water flooding the building, meaning that the army got called in to clear out all the artifacts.  My area is still very dry and far away, so everything is still good here. Tuesday was Zone Training, which was awesome. Learned a lot.   Afterwards, we traded companions with the elder who has in the hospital, so that I stayed with him for Tuesday and Wednesday morning, while his companion and my companion went to their area to work.  Was really nice to be able to just relax and talk with the other elder.  The next morning we ended up doing a service project with a local catholic to organize donations for the people who had been displaced by the flood.   Problem is that its still flooding and will continue probably until April. Was really cool to be able to help out.  Afterwards, traded back companions and headed back to Tancredo Neves.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were all pretty normal, going around teaching people talking with everyone. Saturday we had something really cool happen though.  Saturday night we stopped by an investigator  that had been learning about the church for 5-6 months already.  We´d actually stopped teaching him, b/c he only wanted to talk about the United States and was keeping any of the commitments we´d given him.  Stopped by his house b/c he´d stopped us in the street 2 days before and asked us to swing on by his house.  Started talking to him and just chatting. We asked if we could leave a message with him so we ended up teaching the Restoration to him again, and at the end we asked if he would be baptized.  He said yes, and floored the both of us. We asked if he´d understand the question, just to make sure.  He said yes he would be baptized.  So invited him to church the next day and after church, he was baptized.  Just goes to show you can´t judge people, he was honestly one of the last people we thought would join the church.  After church had lunch with some of the members, Brazilian pancakes! Pancakes here and more spongey and they roll them up like tortillas with meat or chicken in the middle, pretty good.  Got transfer calls as well!  My companion and I will be staying here in Tancredo Neves, while a big portion of our zone is shipping out to other places.  Had 4 other elders in our house last night and they all flew to Manaus early this morning except for 1 and hes staying with us till his companion arrives here in Porto Velho. 
  That was my week this week. Pretty excited about this next 6 weeks.  Will be pretty awesome! Hope everything is going okay back at home!  Miss all of you!
Elder Battraw

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