Monday, February 17, 2014

17 February 2014

Thanks for the letter! This week has been pretty good!  Valentines Day sounds like a lot of fun! Never seen Romancing the Stone though.  Still really cold there huh, well here its the start of the rain season and its gotten a little interesting, but I´ll talk about that later.
  Monday was pretty normal, just hung out around the house, cleaning it up.  We haven´t had too many problems here, the only real problems is that my companions bed broke so this week we´re going to try and fix it! Tuesday was supposed to be our district meeting, but when we got there, we found out that the other companionship was going to be at a doctors appointment and would be leaving shortly (one of the elders has hemorrhoids).  So we watched the district meeting of the other district and then returned back to our area.  Was a pretty good day, but a little tiring.  Wednesday we came back to the chapel in downtown Porto Velho to have our district meeting which was a lot of fun.  We did a lot of role plays for door approaches and was good practice, and we got to joke around a little bit doing it!  When we got back to our area, we caught the bus again to go to the neighborhood Marcus Feireas to do visits there.  Was really good and found a whole bunch of people to talk to!  Was a great time there,but while we were there the power cut out for the whole town so we got to catch the bus back in the dark! Thursday, the elder with hemorrhoids went into the hospital for surgery, so we spent a lot of the day calling back and forth to make sure everything was going okay and walking. Porto Velho also declared a state of emergency Thursday.  The city is situated right on the river and Thursday, it over flowed and began to flood Porto Velho. The problem is that it will continue to keep on flooding the city until about April b/c it will keep on raining.  My area is on the opposite end of Porto Velho so we won´t be affected, but the downtown area is going to be having some issues soon. Friday, I got to check a food off my list of things to try. Alligator. The sister we were having lunch with brought out a small bowel of alligator it a kind of sauce all chopped up and it was part of lunch.  Tastes like chicken. Saturday we taught English Class in the morning, but this was really fun, we taught the class how to order from McDonalds.  We put up all the necessary phrases up on the board, and then they had to approach us and place an order.  At the end, my companion and I showed them what it was like when people speak fluent English.  Kinda of funny!  Saturday, I spent the day in transit b/c we went downtown to do an exchange with the companionship who had surgery, and then left downtown to go their area, got to their area about 5pm, worked for about 2 hours, and then had to make the return trip downtown, trade back companions, and then come back home. About 3-4 hours of sitting on the bus. Sunday was normal though, visited families after church until it was time to head back home.  Really good week! This next week will be transfers and I´m really hoping that I stay with my companion b/c hes pretty awesome.
  That was my week this week! Have a great week this week! Happy Late Valentines Day! Miss you all!
Elder Battraw

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