Monday, February 10, 2014

10 February 2014

Wow, its still snowing there?  Its already the middle of Febuary!  Thats pretty crazy thats its still snowing!   They have the Lego Movie here too!  Along the sides of the streets they have long shelfs that are just pirated movies and I´ve seen the lego movies and Hero Factory a few times!  Nothing more has shown up package wise.  Little jealous Sam got to go paintballing!
  This week has been pretty crazy.  Monday was p day but we also got to have a baptism as well.  His name is Anderson and he didn´t want to be baptized Sunday but decided he wanted to be baptized that Monday.  So got to the chapel and held a baptism for him!  Tuesday was District Meeting and went really well!  Our District Meetings consist of us and one other companionship, but they´re always great!  Tuesday was pretty normal after that though.  Wednesday, nothing really exciting happened, just moving forward and talking to everybody that we meet.  Thursday was crazy though.  We had Zone Conference with President Klein the next day, so all the missionaries in the state of Rodonia were coming into Porto Velho and we had to make arrangements for our Zone, and another Zone for places to stay!  We ended up have 8 other elders in our house, all crammed into the one room in the house with AC!  Was a lot of fun though, ordered pizza and talked.  The next morning we had to get up at 5 to have enough time for 10 people to shower and get ready to catch the bus at 7.  Caught the bus and got to the stake center pretty early though, about 7:20.  Got there and were just hanging out, eating breakfast, and waiting for President and Sister Klein to show up when suddenly the power in the Stake Center went out!  The assistants and the zone leaders held a quick conference and called President Klein and decided to move the conference to the Tancredo Neves Chapel, which was the closest chapel to the stake center, which is ours.  So, about 30-40 missionaries picked up all of our stuff and started marching for the bus stop.  Kinda of funny when the bus showed up, 30-40 people all trying to cram in and catch the bus!  But we all fit, and headed down to our chapel, got everything set up and running and the conference was really good! President and Sister Klein both talked about obedience to the mission rules and how it will help is achieve our mission goal for baptisms in the year.  I don´t know if you already knew, but Missão Brasil Manaus is the highest baptizing mission in the world!  Pretty cool.  After the conference cleaned the chapel, and prepped for our baptism the next day.  Saturday was normal except for the baptism we had in the afternoon.  We baptized a family of four who are just plain awesome.  We had a little bit of fun trying to get baptismal clothes for all of them!  When we got to the chapel with them, we started to hand out baptismal clothes, but 2 of the 4 didn´t fit!  We did some rearranging and managed to get 3 people clothes, but one of the members who was going to be baptizing as well, didn´t have clothes! Made some quick phone calls and managed to get some more over to the chapel in time.  It was an awesome day.  Sundyay, I gave my first talk in Sacrament Meeting, which went really well.  I talked about the importance of members being involved in missionary work and truly members are so important to missionary work!  Had another baptism afterwards for a man named Wagner and went really well until we changed clothes.  He changed faster than I did so he left the bathroom first.  When I got back to the room where we held the baptism, everyone was sitting around except Wagner.   My companion and I started searching around everywhere for him, but he was gone!  We figured he thought that after the baptism that was it and just left.  Definitely made it a memorable time.  
   This next week should be a bit calmer.  Don´t have any big events planned for this week but it still should be good!  Hope you all have a great week this week! I miss you all too!
Love Elder Battraw

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