Monday, January 27, 2014

27 January 2014

That sounds like an interesting week! Toms starting at McDonalds now! Thats exciting! Hows work going for him right now? Do you remember Darcy? She was a manager at McDonalds before she left. You still have snow? I don´t thing that it will ever leave as well. Its like rain here. It rains almost every day. Yesterday we had a 10 minute thunderstorm that was super strong, but was completely calm after it was done.
  Monday was an exciting day! Pday.  After I emailed you guys, we got to go down to Gonçalves which is the supermarket here. Its about a 20-30 minute walk, but its the only American style supermarket here that has American things there. We even found Hersheys milk chocolate there and we found Heinz Ketchup and BBQ sauce! That was super cool, but REALLY expensive, about 15 reais, so about 7-8 dollars, since it had been imported direct from the US, it was even in English!  And you´ll never guess what opened up across the street. Subway.  They have subway here in Porto Velho.  So you can guess what I had for lunch. A 15cm/ 6in sub which costed 12 reais so about 5-6 dollars, but was totally worth it.  Tuesday was pretty normal, had district meeting, which was awesome, but one of the elders in our district had hemeroids so wasn´t too fun for him. Wednesday,  was normal , going around and visiting people.  Thursday was really special. Thursday night we were walking down the street to one of our investigators/pesquisadors whom we were planning to tell her that we couldn´t meet with her anymore because she was keeping her commitments and wasn´t progressing. Well, we got there and starting to talking her and she completely broke down b/c her daughter had been having troubles and had been arguing with her.  She was completely distraught, so we tried to comfort her and talk to her, talked about how the Holy Ghost can help us through whatever troubles we have in our lives, and ended up leaving with a baptismal date set for he. It was a really powerful lesson. Friday was interesting. The elder who had hemeroids got another call from the Area doctor and said he had to get a certain medicine, that if it didn´t help with his problems, he would have to return home for surgery. The only thing was that they didn´t have that medicine in his area, so we looked around in our area, and ended up going downtown to look for the medicine. Problem though, Friday was the anniversary of Porto Velho so all the major businesses were shut down, including the major pharmacies that had it.  So we ended up returning to our area, buying a substitute that the area doctor cleared as okay, and delievered it to the very grateful elder. Haven´t heard anything else since, so hopefully hes doing well. Saturday was the baptism of Pedro, and 8 year old whose parents aren´t members, but hes always at church every week.  His mom traveled 6 hours to see his baptism b/c he lives with his grandparents. That was pretty awesome.  Sunday was pretty normal.  Nothing extremely exciting happened with us. 
  So good news!  I´m getting a package this week! I get to pick it up tomorrow at our Zone Conference! Super excited!  The mission secretaries called this week to get my passport information so maybe another package arrived in Manaus and got stopped for fees b/c of its value. A bit of advice I heard, any packages should be less than 30 dollars in value. If that means you have to open a few things like CDs to drop its value from 12 dollars unopened to 2-3 dollars, or just underestimate the value, b/c otherwise I have to pay fees when they arrive here ranging from 80-120 reais. But I will get a package this week, so I´m super excited! Thanks so much! This week will be pretty interesting with all the zone conferences and exchanges. Hope everything is going great at home! Have a great week!
Love Elder Battraw

P.S Sorry I´m not sending pictures, this computer isn´t reading my memory card so I´ll try another computer and hopefully it´ll work!

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