Monday, January 13, 2014

13 January, 2014

That sounds like an exciting week!  We don´t get snow here, but we did get a lot of  rain this past week   Pretty exciting running through the streets trying to find some source of shelter from the running some we don´t get completely soaked from the rain. Wow a complete week without school! Thats a lot of time they´re going to have to make up at the end of the year!Thats awesome that tom is getting is patriarchail blessing!  
  My week has been pretty exciting so far!  Monday was the normal p day.  My zone gathered together and had a game day with pizza. Super fun. Tuesday  was district meeting and then i spent the day with another missionary in his area! Pretty cool to see how he taught and how he interacted with all the people. Always nice to see how other missionaries do things. Wednesday was mostly just trading back and getting back to work in my area.  Thursday was normal, nothing extremely out of the norm. We did do a temporary exchange with another companionship for just the afternoon and ended up raining and soaking us both. Friday was normal.  Saturday, we did interviews for the Zone Leaders and got to watch one of their baptisms.  Then had lunch with them and made pizzas with one of their members. I also got a letter from the ward from the ward Christmas Party I think and had a whole bunch of letters. That was super cool! Thanks so much to everybody who took the time to write a letter. It helped a lot. Sunday was crazy. Sunday was the day before transfers and usually the assistants to the mission call about 2:00pm to let us know how the transfers are going to go. We were in the middle of trying to get our investigators to church and it was about 8:30am and we got a phone call saying that I was leaving later that night  for Porto Velho and I need to be at the mission office picking up my passport at 5.  To say that threw a wrench n our plans is an understatement.  We got to church, got 4 people confirmed, and then did a baptism during church b/c both us and our investigator needed to leave and got home, and immeaditely started washing clothes and throwing stuff into my suitcase.  The member we were supposed to have lunch with that day was super cool and delivered lunch to us. Got a ride from some of the members in the ward and got to the mission office, then the airport and was leaving for Porto Velho by 8pm. Got there about 9:30ish, got my new companion Elder Housely, and went home and slept.   Super excitied  to be in this area though. Will be pretty awesome.
  Well, thats my exciting news for this week.  Hope you all have a great week as well! I miss you all!
Love Elder Battraw

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