Monday, March 28, 2016

28 March 2016

This week was relatively boring, at least compared to the last few weeks. No mobs, but a couple of policemen showed up. Apparently, Bangalore just passed yet another foreign-discriminatory law: foreigners now have to register not only with the FRO, but also with the apartments we live in. We also got transfer calls, but I'll leave you in suspense until the end of the email as to where everyone is going.

We spent a lot of this week trying to prepare for the fireside. We had to get a movie from a DVD to a pen drive, then figure out how to rig the pen drive to the projector, which had no USB ports. We ended up just carrying a computer from the family history center up to the hall where we were showing the movie! But, it all worked...albeit not quite in the way we planned. We spent a while trying to set everything up just right, with a computer tower, speakers, a microphone, and innumerable cables. For the fireside, our elders quorum president brought his laptop, which obviated half of the gear we'd set up, and hooked it up to the chapel's sound system. We had to show a different movie than the one we'd planned, too. The bishop called at the last minute and changed it to Ephraim's Rescue, because he'd just learned that the movie we were planning on showing hadn't been released in India yet. But, it all worked out. We planned on having a potluck dinner afterward, although with some reservations. Fortunately, it all worked out, people brought food, and everyone got fed. It all worked out surprisingly well. 

We made it to quite a few homes this week, and had a couple unexpected developments. 
Conference in India is a little different. We watch it a week late, to avoid having to see it at midnight. I haven't seen it yet, and won't for 2 weeks. 

Easter here was downright uneventful. Nothing really happened- no eggs, no bunnies, just a lunch appointment (although that was pretty good). What was much more widely celebrated was Holi. It's yet another Hindu holiday that occupies two days. It's celebrated by throwing colored powders and water at each other. There's probably some other reason behind it, but no one remembers it. A bunch of kids came up to our apartment, and "invited" us to join in the fun by opening a window, dumping a bucket of water through, then squirting us when we came to see what was happening. The name of it made a couple puns spring to mind- Holi water, Holi cow, Holi crap, etc. 

I have a couple random facts and stories from previous weeks that I've completely forgot to mention until now. Here they are:

While I was in Coimbatore, one elder who was staying in our apartment, Elder Singh, was teaching some investigators in Germany through Skype. They moved there from India, and are still more comfortable speaking Hindi than German. They live in Schwartzenberg, near Freiberg. 

Saturday, we (finally) got transfer calls. I'll admit, I really didn't see it coming. I'm staying in this area- and both of my companions are leaving. Considering that I have less than 2 weeks of experience in one of the biggest areas in the mission, this will be really...exciting. My new companion will be Elder Sunny, who I have met a couple of times before. 

The APs came here to get some souvenirs (one of them goes home tomorrow), and I asked about where I'm going. They told me that I'm going to the Philippines, but if I request it (and plead enough), I might be able to get sent back to the states instead. I'm toying with the idea, but no decision yet. Speaking of souvenirs, this is my last transfer in India. Is there anything you want? Any clothing, paintings, Ganesh statues? Last chance!

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