Monday, April 4, 2016

4 April 2016

Wait- Before I start, what sort of trouble did David get in on the bus, and why did someone call the news about it? That's strange...Also, thanks for the warning about the speaker and the ice cream. I'll be sure to be prepared.

Well, this week was truly fascinating. Before I start again, I just looked through my camera card and realized I had some old pictures that I still need to send. Inline image 1

This was actually not for Easter, just for fun. 

Inline image 3

When you buy chickens here, they come in cages just like this. So, when I saw a cage like that filled with rabbits and ducks, I was pretty curious. Turned out to just be a pet store.
Inline image 4

Forget play dough, this stuff is for men. 

Anyway, this week was very interesting. Without Elder Doyle and Elder Selvam to show us around, Elder Sunny and I were basically just thrown to the wolves. Turns out this area is the opposite of most- normally, you have lots of members to visit, and have to find new investigators. Here, we have a whole bunch of investigators already, who are in the process of being taught. We just have to find them. With the members, it's pretty dismal. We tried all week, calling at least a dozen people a day, but only managed to get one person on exchange, and that was last night. Neither of us know the area, so we really need someone to show us around, but it's not happening. That makes the work a lot more frustrating, but we're finding our way through the member list anyway. 

We've had some thoroughly interesting events already, though. I had my first district meeting in 6 months on Friday, which was fun. I'm also learning quite a bit of sign language from the deaf members, which this ward has in abundance. It's surprisingly easy. There's a lot of fun stuff to find in Bangalore, too. We're about to go looking for stuff right after we finish emailing. 

So, about the week. We spent basically every day the same way: finding, finding, finding. We go out to an area, usually Ejipura, and look for houses there. This week is going to be a lot easier, though, now that we've found some houses last week. We've found some interesting people, too. One sister used to be super active, before 2 of her sons died. That didn't disaffect her with the church- the member's lack of response to it did. So, we visited her, and had a great lesson. At the end of it, she promised to come to church. But, Saturday night, she texted us to say that she was going to a wedding instead. 

That's the biggest news of the week- See ya!

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