Monday, April 11, 2016

11 April 2016

This week passed by in a flash, especially Monday. Then, we had cleaning inspections. That necessitated a couple of hours of scrubbing everything, from the walls to behind the fridge. The elders who were here before us didn't do a very good job for the last year or so, and it took quite a while to get it all done. After we'd done all that, we played a lot of ping pong with the zone leaders, and went out and taught a few lessons.

On Tuesday, we normally have district meeting, but since we have zone training on Friday, we didn't. I don't remember much about Tuesday...Except that we had a very interesting lesson, with a guy who would be a great candidate for your hospital. He's a less-active member, with quite a few problems. He hears voices talking to him, is convinced that the government is trying to find him through his cell phone, and carries his disembodied hip in a bag. That last statement probably deserves some explanation: he had an accident, which resulted in his hip being removed and a prosthesis put in. Later, it got infected (he blames it on evil spirits), and had to be removed. The doctors wanted to wait for his bone to regrow a bit before they put in yet another hip, and he is saving for another operation now. He still has the artificial hip that got removed in a bag, though. 

Wednesday, we  got shown around one of our areas by a member, which really helped. 

Thursday, we had weekly planning, and made some banana bread. One of the ward leaders asked asked us to make it for a General Conference potluck, so we did. We had to go to a member's house to bake it, though, and ended up leaving it there because we hadn't considered how we were going to take the still-hot bread back. 

On Friday, we first had a very long zone training all the way over in Indira Nagar, then went back and had an exchange. I went with Elder Sampara all over his area, and even had a dinner appointment with some members. 

Saturday was the fun day. We had 6 hours of General Conference, which was really inspiring, but cut the heart out of our proselyting time. At night, we did visit one of our investigators, though. 

Sunday was pretty much the same, albeit with a dinner appointment after visiting a different investigator. 

Which was your favorite General Conference talk? Mine was definitely Elder Nelson's talk in the priesthood session about the priesthood, and the qualifications. 

It looks like I'm still going to the Philippines; I haven't requested anything. I also haven't got any official news, so I really don't know for sure. 

See Ya!

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