Monday, March 14, 2016

14 March 2016

Well, this week was considerably less than exciting. Monday through Wednesday were spent in the exact same way: locked down. We couldn't proselyte, couldn't go to member's houses, nothing. So, we played ping pong at the church. That really gets old after a few days, shockingly. On Thursday, we had district meeting. Finally, something happened on Friday. President Berrett came in for a special training session on weekly planning, and started with a surprise announcement: just about everyone was leaving Coimbatore. 2 native elders are staying, the sisters are staying, and everyone else moves on. Elder Kommalapati and I are the first ones to move out, and did so just this morning. I ended up in Bangalore, Convent Road. Elder Kommalapati is in Rajahmundry 3rd branch. Last night, we had an exciting story, though. We finally got to go to out to our BML's house- and got hassled by the police on the way back. A random officer called us over and chastised Elder Kommalapati for "bringing me there." Because that makes sense, and I'm not allowed to walk the streets, apparently. But, now I'm in Bangalore, and theoretically out of danger.

I didn't get any packages, and probably will never see them, considering that I'm in Bangalore now. Don't bother sending any here either: I'm leaving to the Philippines in 8 weeks when my visa runs out. That's too bad about your foot- good luck on the recovery. And tell David that all he has to do to get the kid to stay in his seat is to be even crazier! Ask Bro. Foot to show you some of his surgery videos, if you want a preview of yours. Wait- Sam already has his driver's licence? That's crazy.

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