Monday, March 21, 2016

21 March 2016

This week was really interesting. I'm sort of unofficial companions with Elders Doyle and Selvam, but have been on lots of splits with the other elders in the apartment, too. The work in Bangalore is also different- no tags, but we can wear ties. We have to limit our street contacting, because there are loads of Muslims all over. On the plus side, the beef here is amazing. Elder Doyle has been in the area for 8 months, and Elder Selvam for 4, so they know it pretty well. Unfortunately, this week was especially terrible for meeting with people for some reason. We have a couple of investigators on date! This officially marks the first time on my mission (excluding my first area) where I've gone into an area, and there were people on date. Hopefully it won't break my other streak- I've left people on date in every area I've stayed more than 4 weeks in. Anyway, the week was very different. There's a whole bunch of import stores, which have all sorts of good stuff in them. I got Prego spaghetti sauce! The only problem is, even a big jar of that disappears quickly when you have it once or twice a day. There have been some more interesting things, like a massive laser that Elder Doyle got somewhere. You can light matches with it and burn your name into paper. It's hard to keep track of days over here- time is passing fast. I've been all over the area, which is one of the largest in the mission, but I don't remember much of any of it. It's been pretty weird, what with being in a different area every day.

So Sam learned how to put gas in the car? I remember learning how to do that in California, when one of my companions taught me. That's another California memory for today- I was reading a Liahona this morning, and came across an article about the Newport Beach temple and surrounding wards in California, and recognized some of the names. I somehow managed to forget entirely about Pi Day, though. I still remember Easter, though. It's in March this year, for some reason. I once heard what decides what date it's on, but I forgot it. That was about it for the week; See ya!

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