Monday, March 30, 2015

30 March 2015

Things are going pretty great here! Foods that I miss, lets see, everything.  For foods, just anything that is super american.  Burgers, fries, etc.  Just not chicken, rice or beans.  Our family doesn´t have too much luck with the Pinewood Derby.  Nobody seems to be able to do too well.  Almost never, either we rig the car to lose to get last place or the car rigs itself to lose, usually one of those two. But it is still fun.  Most fuel efficient car, that is a cool award.  Wow, is it time to sign for AP exams now? That  is super weird.  I remember doing AP Exams.  Those were never fun, but I did get a little bit of college credit out of it.  Found out that BYU almost doesn´t accept  any AP stuff.  They don´t like it at all.   I did get Chemistry credit though! Sister  Smith is the new YW President, that will be a cool calling for her! Fun stuff!
  It was a pretty good week here.Monday, was the normal p day.  Went to a lesson later that night and got to walk underneath a tarp to get back b/c it was raining so hard. Tuesday morning we all showed up at the chapel did have District Meeting and found out that the chapel had gone Titanic and was underwater.  3 or 4 classrooms were under water so we got to spend an hour pushing water down the hall into the baptismal font.  It was really quite interesting.   The chapel had been having problems like this for awhile, but excessive rains and bad construction lead to this.  We found out the reason for this later, that the chapel steeple had been put on the church wrong, and was not letting water drain correctly and the water would accumulate and would make its way down into the chapel. They will have to get a crane, take off the steeple and put it back on.  Wow, quite a job.  The rest of Tuesday was normal though.  We got to have a family home evening with Joelle and Fabio that night with the Elder and Relief Society Presidents that was really cool. They really liked it.  Talked a lot about Faith , Repentance and Baptism.  Super cool. They are progressing really well. Friday we invited them to be baptized and they will be baptized this coming Saturday so we are supe excited for them! The rest of the week wasn´t too different.  We did companion exchanges and I stayed in the area with Elder Pablo and we got to teach some cool new investigators. One of them is Daniel who is a nephew of one of the members and is super cool.  We got to teach him for the first time and it was super cool.  He told us a lot about his life story and how he was adopted twice and hes been through a lot.  But he is really awesome!  Saturday was normal.  Sunday we got to do a devotional about member missionary work that went well.  We split everyone up into 4 groups and gave them all trainings on how they could all be better member missionaries and it was really cool. I taught everyone how to invited somebody to church, by showing them how NOT to invite someone.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it a lot and it was really cool.  This week will be a lot of fun in the area.  Saturday and Sunday will be General Conference! Elder Sanderson and I are super pumped about that! Hopefully we´ll be able to watch it in English,but who knows!
  Hope that you all have a great week! I miss you all! Have an awesome week!
Elder Battraw

P.S.  BYU Registration is this week I think! These will the classes for which I register. 

Mon: 6am-ROTC workout 9-Calculus, 11-Portuguese, 12 Book of Mormon
Tues: 9:30am-Political Science, 12:30 Calculus
Wed: 6am-ROTC workout 9:Calculus, 10-ROTC, 11-Portuguese, 12 Book of Mormon
Thrs: 9:30am- Political Science, 12-Calculus, 1 ROTC Leadership Lab
Fri: 6am- ROTC workout 9:30 Calculus  11-Portuguese
It´ll be a fun semester!

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