Monday, March 2, 2015

2 March 2015

This week has been nuts; I actually saw more than a few people (or maybe just two) that really could be committed to your hospital. Last Monday, I got to change a tire for the first time. Tuesday, we got to have Persian food at the couple that teaches us Persian. They served us a giant pot full of rice, stew, yogurt, and grapes- and you were supposed to put all of those in your mouth at once. I tried it- very, very interesting, and pretty good.

Wednesday, we talked to the first committable person. She had a very interesting but mostly sad backstory, and had been inactive for 5-6 years, but one day called up her (member) ex-husband, told him about her problems, and then he called us and told us to call her. We did, and set up an appointment. It went pretty well, except for telling us that her husband didn't know about her being there and her not wanting him to know, but she showed up at church on Sunday! Granted, we dropped the ball and forgot to tell her when our ward was meeting at, but she still went to a ward, and said she liked it, and had told her husband and he was okay with it! Sometimes, things just go really well. For example, that night, we went to a scripture study class, and I met a former Roman Catholic. After the class, we discussed our religions, and he said he'd probably be coming back when we met again!

Thursday, when we were tracting, we hit on what seems like the ultimate investigator. He opened the door, saw us, and shook our hands right off the bat, then welcomed us in! Then, he introduced us to his family, and only then asked us who we were. Very nice guy! We told him who we were and what we were doing, and he said we could come back any time the rest of his family wasn't home, because he loved talking about religion, but was sure they wouldn't convert. We hope to change his opinion on that, but things are still looking up! This was literally the first time I'd actually made it into someone's home while tracting or made a return appointment. That night, We went to Elder Holland's talk at the Fish Interfaith Center at Chapman University. I think you can watch it on It was about "Faith, Family, and Religious Freedom." For him, it was pretty low-key- no banging on the pulpit. It was a good talk, though. We had to wait in line for 2 hours before it started, then another 1/2 hour to wait for the line to make it into the building. You can actually see Elder Wilding and I in one of the photos they took of the line! Well, more of Elder Wilding- my face got blocked out by the guy standing between us and the camera.

Friday, I set up my Facebook account, and that was just about it. Saturday, I went on exchanges with Elder Pratt. We were on bikes again (ouch), and he said that he went unusually far that day even for him. Dinner that night was interesting- we met the second committable person. He believed (or at least used to) that he was the reincarnation of Jesus, and kept talking about how the NFL is all choreographed. We saw a few people playing football in a field, and we joined them  (playing sports with people tends to be way better than tracting for finding). We found out that one of them used to take discussions with the missionaries, but wasn't interested anymore, and had a really good conversation afterward. Plus, I got some giant grass stains on my pants. One of the people there wanted to take a picture of us holding a beer can, but we declined, so he got a picture of us, with him holding the beer. Later that day, after dinner, WE RAN INTO THAT SAME GUY! I'll email the picture we took with him later. It was crazy- we were knocking on doors, looking for potential investigators (people who had talked to missionaries before and expressed at least a little interest), and while looking for someone else found him!

Sunday, after church, we had an early dinner. Well, it started early, but the family talked for just about forever. Then, we went  to a bonfire, with the same people who shot me with a confetti gun. It was
lots of fun! We did loads of wrestling and talking, and during the wrestling (not the talking) I managed to break my watch. I just pulled out a pin, so maybe I can get it fixed. In the meantime, I bought a watch off my companion. He found it in a park one day, and has two others that he likes better.

Write back!

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