Monday, March 2, 2015

2 March 2015

That sounds like it was a cool baptism! The Teschs have a kid! Thats so cool!  I´ll get to meet him then when I get home!  Its March and its still snowing out there!  Thats crazy.  Thanks for getting my dorm room! I´ll take whatever I can get.  I didn´t want to sign a housing agreement without talking to you b/c the first payment will be due the day that I get back from the mission so I wanted to talk to you first so that you would know that before I committed to 300.00 dollar payment!  Thanks so much! I think that dining plan is great.  It´ll get me food to eat.  I´ll email him for the tax returns.

  This week was pretty good. Monday we traveled to Manaus and waited there that day for the conference with Elder Cook for the next day. We stayed with the Elders of Compensa and Tefe.  It was pretty cool to stay with them.  Nothing extremly excited happened.  Tuesday we got on the bus and headed down to the mission office to get ready for the conference. I got to see several of my previous companions which was super cool!  I got to see Elders Acchura, Brock, Rodriguez, and Sousa Silva. It was super cool to see them all! The conference with Elder Cook was super awesome.  He talked to us for about 2 hours along with Elder Adikuatis from the Seventy.  They talked a lot about how we personally can be better as missionaries. How we can make ourselves better missionaries.  It was really cool to see and to hear from them. My testimony that we have 12 Apostles here on the earth now was strengthened quite a bit.  They are definitely called of God. After that, we got lunch and then we started back for Manacapuru.The rest of the day was just checking up on investigators.  The rest of the week was pretty normal.  Joelle and Fabio are going great right now! We talked to Fabio Wednesday night and he committed to baptism.  Its so cool to see how he has progressed over all this time! When we first started teaching, he didn´t really want to talk to us, but over all this time he has been getting better and better.  Its really cool to see! Samuel, we´ve been teaching him all this week.  Saturday was supposed to be his baptism, but it didn´t work out so we hope that he will be baptized this next Saturday.  Elder Sanderson and I are super excited for this next week! We have a lot planned out and we are excited for all of our investigators.  Its going to be a great week. Today is Elder Browns birthday (our new Zone Leader) and we got to hold a quick birthday party for him!  Its going to be a good week!
  Thanks for everything! I hope that you all have a great week!  I miss you all!

Elder Battraw

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