Monday, March 23, 2015

23 March 2015

Well, we just had a meet the mission presidency meeting. President
Taggart sent out an email about a week ago telling us that there would
be a mission wide meeting, that we shouldn't bring cell phones or
iPads, and that we wouldn't regret going. Everyone was speculating on
why he was being so secretive, but no one had any idea.

at the start of the meeting, no one unexpected was on the stand. The
two new counselors and their wives got up and spoke for about twenty
minutes total. That left us all wondering what was going to go on for
the extra two hours we had been told to schedule for it. Then, the
president got up and made sure that everyone had left their phones and
iPads in their cars. We were all wondering what was going on. Then,
Sister Taggart went out to get the special guest. Two 20ish young men
walked in and sat down on the stand. I wondered, are they an apostle's
bodyguards or something? Then President Taggart got up and introduced
one as David Archuletta. There was dead silence.

He then got up and started talking about his background and a few good
mission stories, interspersed with a bunch of hymns that he sang, like
Come come ye saints and how great you art. It was really awesome!
Afterward, we got pictures by zones with him, and everyone shook his
hand. All in all, amazing.

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