Monday, September 30, 2013

30 Sept. 2013

I have gotten one of the packages, the one with the suit jacket in it! Thanks so much! Suit Coat season starts Monday after Conference where we can only wear suit coats or sweaters so that will be of great help to me!  The other package is probably at the mission office b/c it was sent priority mail so that will be a bit harder to get but I'm supposed to be going down to the mission office on Wednesday for a new missionary sort of training thing. I 'm not really sure what it is, but it will still be super exciting!
This week has been interesting. Saturday we had exchanges so my senior companion Elder Smith who is also District Leader exchanged with another missionary and it was weird to go through the day with Elder Shade who was from Mexico instead of Elder Smith. We mostly were just dropping off progress records so it wasn't that big of a job, but it still kept us busy! We did set up some appointments for this week to meet with less actives and investigators. Tonight we are teaching a man who is very baptist, but has agreed to let us practice the lessons on him. Hopefully he feels the spirit and we will be able to really teach him! Super awesome! 
Tuesday we got to go to the Boise Temple with our district and do a session there! It was amazing. The Boise temple is beautiful but not my favorite one in the world. The layout inside is a little weird, but it was stil cool. The Makenzies (the family we are staying with) also went to the temple and their car broke down on the way back to the house so we went inside Seagull books and Krispy Kreme while we waited, not a bad way to wait at all! Wednesday was supposed to be one of the wards chili feed, but it got postpoined till Tuesday b/c of rain so tomorrow we will be feasting on chill!
Today has been pretty good so far! We got our library cards so we can email from the library now as well. We've had to wait for mail to come in for us to prove the we do actually live in Boise and that has taken awhile but its finally come! We went bowling as well. 2nd time in my life that I can remember where I went bowling and I did decent. My first game with 10 rounds I scored a 93 and a 81 on the second. Its actually a little tiring playing. I did not realize that. We picked up some groceries, I got that package which made it even better, and then we are here emailing! We have a dinner set up for tonight and a lesson as well so we will be busy getting around today. General Conference is this weekend and I'm super pumped for it! I can't wait to see it!
Sounds like everythings going good back home. I wish I could see the marching band show! It sounds pretty cool, especially if Fishers is actually placing now! Hopefully they can still keep doing better!  Matt sounds really excited to be in Kindergarten! Nice braces Nathan! The work here is going really well and we are always busy with something! I got to talk portuguese to a brazilian lady this last thursday and I definetly have a way to go, but it was super awesome! Thanks for all the letters and emails!

Love Ben

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