Monday, September 23, 2013

23 Sept. 2012

Things are going really good here in Idaho! The people here are great! We do have dinner with people here almost ever night except Mondays and that's because it is p day! One of the members got us each ten dollar gift cards to five guys so we are going to go eat there for lunch today! At this rate it may be both meals! We get fed really well here and it was a little weird to have people asking for your contact info so they could talk about me. The food is pretty good though and it's been awesome!
This entire week has been contacting and teaching so many lessons. We taught about thirty different lessons this week and so it is never boring around here! My visa still hasn't come do I now need to go shopping for sweaters because apparently after conference all the missionaries meaning elders have to be wearing suits or sweaters so we are going shopping today for some warmer clothes.  It is actually starting to get chilly here already, but I don't want to spend too much on warm clothes and get my visa. I'll figure out some compromise.

This week is the ward chili cook off here  and we have a lot of investigators coming to it so we will be super busy, but it will be a great time! I can't wait. The members here are great and are so willing to help out with missionary work! We. Are always receiving referrals from people. This week we got nine! One of them is a man named Jerry Kramer who used to play for the packers and he is inactive and I our area! He hasn't the door yet, but hopefully we will be able to meet him! This week my district also gets to go the temple so I'm super pumped for that!  Hopefully the temple will be done in IN soon! They are actually building another temple here in Boise, super exciting!

Thanks for the pictures! Matthew already looks like he has already grown a lot! I need to really start taking picture. I haven't really been doing that since we are always on the move! Ill try to send some next week!

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