Monday, February 9, 2015

9 February 2015

I've been on my mission for two weeks, and already we've gotten a baptism! The guy's name is Andy Reafsnyder, and he was actually investigating for the last two months. I just came in at a fortunate time. There are a lot of interesting people here. One family has a giant tortoise that runs around uncaged in their backyard. Another family teaches us how to read Persian every Sunday. Yet another described Six Flags in a lot of detail. We have dinner with a member family every night, so we meet a lot of Californians. That tends to lead to some interesting experiences.
I've had some crazy foods here too. Have you even ever heard of Cookie Butter? It's a lot like peanut butter mixed with cookie dough and brown sugar. It's delicious, but nowhere near anything I've ever tried before. One of the families we had dinner with served us acai berry smoothies and salmon smothered in mayonnaise. That was good, actually. The McDonald's here have a "Create your own taste" burger", where you can just put anything on one. It's a good concept. The whole place looked like it just came down from a satellite or something- everything chrome and steel, that looked really futuristic.
Getting investigators is the hardest part of working down here. Tracting is nearly useless, though we have found one or two that have seemed reasonably solid, but we haven't followed up on either because they both specified today as the best time to contact them. That sucks, because today is p day, and it's too short already. We only had three until Saturday, and then we lost one because he got baptized.
How are things back home? I think I heard cold and snowy. Yesterday, it was sunny and 87. That's California for you. Have fun back home!

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