Monday, February 2, 2015

2 February 2015

That sounds like you all had an interesting week! I hope that everything is going great for Tom out there in Califórnia! Thats super cool that you are back at that same hospital now1  How is it going there? How much long will you be in training?  Thats cool though.  Matt is throwing up now? Thats no fun at all.  This season right now here in Manacapuru is the season of sickness.  The river is filling up now as it does every year, but as the river fills up its means more sicknesses and just not being well.  its fun to say the least. 
  This week here was pretty cool.  Monday was p day.  Normal p day except for the fact that I went up to dunk the ball during our weekly game of basketball and ended not landing too well on my foot.  Hurt quite a bit but didn´t really put too much thought to it.   Tuesday the LZs were in Manaus so we ended up not having District Meeting.   Tuesday was a pretty normal day, except that it was pretty painful to walk on my left food b/c it had swollen up like a balloon. The wife of our Ward mission leader looked at my foot and said it looked I sprained/ twisted the nerve in my foot.  I went to on the Ward members there whose dad Works with stuff like this and he helped it out a bunch.   Wednesday, the foot was still pretty swollen so we headed up to the hospital and got it all x rayed.  After 3 hours in the hospital we found out that it was not broken after all, just sprained.   So the doctor just told me to go easy on my foot.  It still is a little bit sore, but its doing way better now.  The rest of the week was pretty normal.  Thursday I got to go on exchanges with Elder Thomas from Texas and that was super cool.  Sunday was interesting b/c there wasn´t any power in the chapel b/c there had been a problem with the church payment system and the energy had ended up not being paid, so they cut the power in the chapel.  That is getting resolved this week though!   Right not we have a bunch of investigators that are going great.  We have one 18 yr old whose name is Diego, and he is going to church right now.l  He has a desire to be baptized so we are helping get ready for that!  Super excited for him!   We are teaching a 20yr old right now whose name is André and turns out he isa 2 time Jiu Jitsu Olympic Champion.  He has been several times to the US and was planning to train there, but ended up getting married and staying in Manacapuru to help out with his wife.  He has a lot of intrest in the gospel and super cool to teach!   We are also teaching a 15 nephew of a recent convert.  His name is Lucas and hes been to church a couple of times now and is really cool as well.  We are super excited for all of them!
  Its been a pretty good week this week!  Hope that you all have a great week as well!  I miss all of you!

Elder Battraw

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