Monday, February 16, 2015

16 February 2015

That sounds like a fun Valentines Day. Here Valentines Day is in the middle of June so here was pretty normal! Yes, the temple will be dedicated in August then! I will be there!  So you haven´t really started working at your new job yet, huh? When will you be starting then? I remember you doing Second Saturday b/c you would leave us all alone and I got to babysit all of them.  I got grandmas email about them coming down here to Brasil.  That will be super cool for them. Goais is in the middle of Brasil, not too much happen them.  They´re going a weird portuguese there.  Weird accents.  Goias is the sticks there.  Manaus is a long ways from anything b/c its in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, but Goias is just in the middle of nothing. How long is the mission there? Matt is already praying that I come home safely! It will still take a little while...
  This week was pretty good here.  It was quite interesting.  Monday was normal still, tuesday was normal as well.   Really it was just Friday that was pretty crazy.  Friday afternoon was just a great day.  That afternoon was super cool b/c I got to see a family from my first area here in Brasil.  We were just walking down the main street here in the city and we suddenly here from a car that was driving by, BATTRAW, BATTRAW and it was Irma Patricia from Ala Canaranas.  They are a super cool family. Later that night after all of our appointments she bought pizza for all the missionaries here and we got to hang out.  That was really cool. Her two kids right now are out on missions right now as well.  Sunday was a good day as well.  Got to have Genelza to church with Raimundo!  I don´t think I´ve talked about them just yet.  They are a married couple in the late 40´s that we found through a street contact and have been teaching them.   They are super humble and this week was the first time that they got to go to church with us.  They borught 2 of their kids and they absolutely loved it there!  She got really excited and told us at the end that she wanted to come back every single week! Super cool family.  We are still teaching Genelson.  For some reason, he didn´t go to church yesterday so this week we are going to talk with him.  Andre as well, this entire week he wasn´t able to talk with us, so hopefully we´ll be able to talk with him this week!  Joelle and Fabio are going great! Last week they both went to church though this week they didn´t.  We went over Thursday night and show Pres. Uchtdorfs talk from the last General Conference about light and it was a good lesson. You can always depend on the Apostles to share a good message.  Joelle is getting excited about the gospel!  We´ve be getting back to talking with Diego!  Talked to him briefly Saturday night and he seems great! This week we´ll be able to teach him again!  Carnival has started up here in Manacapuru which means huge street parties every night until 3 am!  Its getting pretty crazy at times!  We just try to avoid those areas when its getting dark outside! Most people here don´t go to Carnival as well, its just really all the younger people above 18.  The parties will be going until Wednesday night which will be the last huge party!  Carnival is pretty serious here!  It´ll be interesting trying to teach people during it, but everything will go great!  
  Hope that you all have a great week!   I miss you all!  Have an awesome week!
Elder Battraw

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