Monday, January 12, 2015

12 January 2015

That sounds like it was a fun week! Lots of snow and freezing rain! Here this week its just been rain!  Is Indian food really good? What does it taste like? Lots of rice and chicken as well? Sounds like it
was a good open house though, lots of people who stayed for awhile!  I still remember my open house, but that was a little while ago!  How was the time at the temple?  Was it pretty cool! Bishop Jensen wrote all the missionaries telling us about the temple will probably be completed in the fall of this year so that was exciting new to hear? how is the work on the temple going? I hope its going well!
  This week was pretty cool.  Nothing super exciting happened to us this week.  Tuesday was Zone Training in Manaus.  So we left Manacapuru at 6 am to catch the bus to Manaus.  It took about a 1.5
hours to get to Manaus.  To get to Manaus from this side of the city you have to cross over the Ponta Negra Bridge which is a huge bridge which was pretty cool.  The Training was really good.  It talked a lot about the return to the emphasis of the mission which is helping investigators progress until baptism.  Really good training.  The only bad part was when we left the training we had to walk with a 40-50 pound box of Books of Mormon for 2 miles to get to the bus stop.  Both my back and my companions were hurting the next day from that trek. Got back to Manaus the same day which was nice.  The rest of the week was pretty normal missionary work.  We managed to find a new family
this week through a member.  We are teaching a father and his daughter, whose name is Sidrak and Rebecca.  They are cool to teach. They live with his mom whose name is Dolores who is super funny.  She likes to talk randomly throughout our lessons, but always has a funny comment to make!  They are pretty cool.  Thursday we got to give a blessing for a man in the hospital. We had another investigator ask us to go to the hospital and give him a blessing.  He had fallen outside of their house and was taken to the hosptial by them .  He had the front half of both of his feet amputated because he had diabetes but hadn´t been treated up until that point.  We walked down the hospital and gave a blessing.  He left the hospital the next day and we taught him quickly but he already went back to Manaus.  We had a bunch of people stop us in the street this week and we got to teach them.  We
had two young men stop us in the street whose names are Andre and Bruno.  They both train for UFC and Andre has been doing it for 12 years and he is 20.  We taught the Restoration and they both seemed to like it a lot, but weren´t able to go to church this Sunday.  We got to teach Anderson again and he went to church again, he has some special needs so its always interesting to teach him.  All in all, a pretty good week!
  Hope that you all have a good week!  Hope that the freezing rain has stopped!  Have an awesome week! Good luck to Tom! I think I can write him, I just need his email! I miss you all Have a great week!

Elder Battraw

A few pictures from the mission.  The first one is from  a recent zone training.  The second is the famous Ponta Negra Bridge in Manaus that goes across the Rio Negro which is part of the two rivers that make the amazon river, the next is of Manaus from the bridge, then something I found in the collar of one of my shirts, and then the street that we live on here in Manacapuru! Have a great week everyone!

Elder Battraw

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