Monday, January 19, 2015

19 January 2015

That does sound like an interesting week for sure!  I read Toms
account about the trip out to salt lake and it sounds like it was
interesting! Was he flying delta?  You don´t have to leave the
terminal to be able to get your baggage though.   Oh well, he got
there.   I remember my trip out there was really calm.  We flew
directly to Salt Lake so we didn´t have any layovers at all. I was
also with austin gorge and not alone so that was cool.  Brenna
Donnelly is back from her mission now! Thats weird b/c I remember
talking with her in the MTC.  I saw her a few times there in the MTC
Bookstore!  Pretty cool.  Matts got his first tooth! Is he already
asking about the tooth fairy as well?  Is it already warming back up?
  This week didn´t have too much happen.  Tuesday was pretty normal.
We had District Meeting and the normal.  My companion Elder Sanderson
was sick that day so we work a little bit and then we went back home
to let him rest up and get well.  Hes fine now so everythings okay!
Tuesday night was also supposed to a Ward Family Home Evening but
didn´t happen on the account of it raining super hard.  So that didn´t
happen. Wednesday was all normal.  Thursday was the 2 ward soccer semi
final that we got to watch.  Super fun to be there. Brasilians really
get into soccer to say the least.  Out of the 2 wards participating
there had been 10 -12 teams and now it was down to the final 4, which
out of those 4 are now 2. Fun game to watch.  Friday normal. Saturday
was did exchanges and I got to spend the day with Elder Pablo who
suprisingly is from Brasil.  Super good missionary.  We got to teach a
whole bunch of people and that was cool to see how he teaches the
people. Sunday was church.  Pretty normal.  We are teaching Gospel
Principles right now! We have a few investigators who are going pretty
well. We are still teaching Anderson.  He got interviewed for his
baptism that if all goes well he will be baptized this Saturday.  We
are super excited for him!    We got to teach a lady with the name of
Franciamara this week.  She is not too old and has a lot of interest
about the church.  She was very interested about the Book of Mormon so
we got to explain that to her!  Lots of fun! We are teaching a kid now
as well who is always playing soccer at the chapel!  His name is Hugo
and he is super cool! Also has a lot of interest in the church! Not
too much besides from that happened this week! Its been a good week.
Elder Sanderson and I will stay together one more transfer now! Its
going to be awesome!
  I hope that you all have a great week! Miss all of you! Have a great week!
Elder Battraw

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