Saturday, January 24, 2015

24 January 2015

A LOT has happened this week. On Tuesday, I heard that my visa was delayed, and so I'd be staying another week at the MTC before being shipped out on a reassignment. Late last night, a paper came that said I'd instead be going to Anaheim, California on Tuesday! I went from having an extra week to having only 4 days overnight! It's weird to think that I have so little time left- it feels like I've been here both for forever and for no time at all.

Two days ago, late at night, I saw a few of the missionaries in my district singing this song, Come unto Christ. I joined in, thinking nothing of it, until I was pulled out of class the next day to audition for a devotional group. I still didn't think anything would happen because our group was really unprepared- we hadn't read the rules or memorized the music, and one of us (there were only 5) was wearing a sweater instead of a suit coat. We did about a dozen minor violations like that, but even still we sang so well that we got 3 days notice THAT DAY that we were going to be singing in front of half of the MTC during the departure devotional on Sunday!!! I'm going to practice like crazy! You should have heard our piano player, Elder Sands. He's only 18, but he's written and played 10+ songs that he's sold do record companies. He's amazing!

Also this week, we've been teaching a TRC member- basically, it's all role-played out like they're real investigators. Some of them are members, some aren't but we aren't told which. Every interaction with them is purely role play, there's no evaluation afterward or talking as anything but missionaries. I got pretty lucky though- mine is awesome. His name is Chad, and he loves learning about and debating about the gospel. Every lesson with him, I think I learn more than he does!

Things here have been hectic! It seems like either we're rushing around trying to get stuff done, or sitting in class. You need to tell Sam to check his email- I'm sending him one too. If I can figure out how to get this computer to send pictures, I'll send about 20 of them. Have fun at home!

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