Monday, November 3, 2014

3 November, 2014

That sounds like an interesting week for sure!  Wow that sounds like a really cold Halloween for sure! 30 degrees and raining and then it snowed to top it off!  That picture actually has an interesting story behind that picture.   My companion were in church yesterday and we were walking down the hall when we saw the parents of a missionary who was going home but had wanted to see one of his areas, so they were there for sacrament meeting.  The funniest part of that was the moment that they saw us they walked up and said Hi I´m Brother Witt, and I remember just kinda of staring at them for a second trying to remember my english and how to respond.  Its super weird to speak in english, b/c even when my companion and I speak english one with another, its not real english, its a mixture and we switch in and out of the language quite frequently.  But they wanted to take a picture of us and send it to you so they did!   Super cool, they had also brought some american candy to give to the missionaries here in brasil, which included sweet tarts and reeses with a small can of root beer!  Super good!  Thats no fun that the marching band didn´t get to move on this year! Well, maybe next year they´ll be able to get through to State!  Sis. Barret, I do remember her, thats cool that she is home now!  Congrats to her!
 This week here in Itacoatiara was good.  Monday was transfers and so we got a new elder in our house, Elder Sidrão from São Paulo, hes pretty cool and is super funny and enerjetic so its been fun to have him.  The rest of the week was a pretty normal week.  Tuesday, District Meeting, and Wednesday we helped the sisters here move houses.  The house they were living in will be used for the new elders who arrived friday here, and so they needed some help getting everything moved so we and another set of missionaries went over there and helped get all the stuff moved out.  It didn´t take too long and it was one trip to get everything moved over to their new house, the only hard part was the 3 floors of extremely steep steps. Everything went well though.  This week we were able to find a few more people to teach and so we are going to be teaching this next week. We are super excited for them.  We are still teaching Jucileno and his family right now, and they went to church again this week.  They are a really awesome famliy but they have some doubts right now and we are helping them out right now with some of these doubts.  This week we also had Sergio and Amanda, had the oppoturnity to go to the temple and we were super pumped for them!  Amanda was confrimed this last week and b/c they had a caravan she was able to go the temple with her husband. Its was super awesome to see them to be able to go!  This next week looks like it will be pretty normal and pretty calm though. It´ll be an awesome week though!
  hope that you all have a great week this week!  Thanks for sending the money! I´ll make sure to get good shoes!  Have fun Zach at Camp Tecumseh!  Have a great week and miss all of you!
Elder Battraw

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