Monday, November 10, 2014

10 November 2014

That is really cool! India?  When does he leave for the MTC?  is he going to Provo or another MTC?  That sounds really cool! Super excited for him!
  This week here was pretty good.  We managed to find a lot of families, but it was a lot of knocking on doors.   Elder Brock and I would pick a street, pray, and then go down the streets knocking on the doors that we felt that we should knock.  Lots of work, but we did find some people to teach and we did hear a few funny excuses on why people couldn´t talk to us.  We did find one family that was really cool and were pretty rich and started to teach them.  It was a pretty cool lessson, but in the end, the man started talking about how he thought that Joesph Smith and Ellen White were both prophets and we when were leaving he handed us both our own personal copy of translated from Portuguese, The Only Hope, which is just a book that justifies the 7th day Adventist church.  But we invited him to read the Book of Mormon and so I hope he reads it!  We found a lot of potentials this week so hopefully this week will be super busy.   Sunday was interesting b/c we all woke up and it was absolutely pouring outside, so we all suited up and left, out of the 4 missionaries, only I had a jacket to wear (Thanks Opa!) , but needless to say, we all arrived to church dripping from head to toe.  Made life a little bit interesting for that day!  This week will be really cool though.  We´ll get to teach everybody that we found and Sunday we all get to go to Manaus! It´ll be pretty awesome!
  Hope that everything is going okay at home! Have a great week! Miss you all!
Elder Battraw

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