Monday, November 17, 2014

17 November 2014

Thats super cool that Nathan has gotten his braces off and everything!  Tom is now an Elder that is super cool.  He still has a little time then until he has to report to his mission off in India? He is going to which MTC?  Is there a MTC in India?  I don´t know if there is....That sounds like a campout that defeats the purpose of a campout but sounds like it was a lot of fun!  Was it indoors or did they sleep outside?  That sounds like fun to be a nurse for girls camp.  Sounds like something you will like, as long as you don´t have  to treate anyone.  When will be girls camp?  Fun stuff.

So this week in Itacoatiara was pretty cool. Monday, the pday which always goes by super fast.  Tuesday I got to go on exchanges with Elder Silveira who is from the Bahia here in Brasil.  Super cool exchange.  We got to teach a few lessons and on top of that, I got to hold a toucan on my hand. Yes the bird, kinda of like toucan sam, but this toucan doesn't sing or particularly like strangers.  He let me hold him, but wasn´t too happy when I tried to pet him, but he was super cool.  To top off that night, I got to see a monkey as well.  One of the less active families in the area has a monkey,so of course, the elders got to see the monkey, but  he wasn´t wanting to let us hold him so that didn´t end up working out but okay!   Super cool, that next day we got to do a service project cutting grass brasilian style, with a hoe, which means you don´t leave any grass. It was hard work just to get a little area cleaned out but we managed to  get it done.  Everything worked out!  Thursday I got to do a baptismal interview that went super well, but on the way back we started talking to a guy on the side of the road that turned out to be from Denmark and knew about 3 or 4 languages which happened to include english.  Gave me an opportunity to practice my english skills.  That was fun!  You always meet people like that in the weirdest of places!  Sunday we got to sing in church.  We sang Nearer my God to thee in English and Portuguese which was super cool. We had invited some of our investigators to come and watch.  We got to have 4 people there who watched and liked the church so this week we will work with them!  Sunday we also got on a bus at 4:00pm to come to Manaus, with the rest of our Zone.  Took about 4 hours of traveling but we got here!  Today pday is here in Manaus so that is super cool!  We are staying in a house with 8 other elders without an iron so it gets interesting!  Tomorrow will be a conference with Elder Adikuatis of the Seventy. Will be super awesome!

Hope that everything is going good at home!  I miss all of you!  Have a great week everyone!

Elder Battraw

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