Saturday, July 27, 2013

Trip to the Temple

So today I went to the temple for the first time to get my endowments so that I would be able to go on my mission.  I got up at 6am with mom and got ready to go. The Fordhams and Lopezs picked us up for the 2.5 hour trip to the temple in Louisville, Kentucky. I was sandwiched in the back between Bro Lopez and Stirling on the way there and back. I was wearing a suit jacket, which I soon found was a mistake because it got quite hot very quickly.  The trip there was pretty uneventful with just one stop on the way there.  When we got there we were just a bit late, so when we got there we were ushered in and immediately started moving. Austin Gorge and I were both there with our escorts, his being his dad and mine being Brother Fordham and Lopez.  We got our intiatories done and then met with the Temple President, President Lunt. After a short talk, we went through the Endowment session, which was really cool.  After that, we headed back and changed into our normal clothes out of the temple clothes. Since it was about 1:15 when we left, we stopped at Sonic on the way back since there are none near Fishers.  I got a #7 which is a huge burger with tots and peanut butter cookie shake.  The Fordhams all got hot dogs with pretzels buns with bacon and nacho cheese on them.  They looked pretty good but I wasn't that interested. Bro Fordham also ordered a shake that was a peanut butter bacon shake which I got to try and it was surprisingly good.  After that it was a 2.5 hour trip back to Fishers. When we got back we were all tired but it had been a really good day.

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  1. I am having trouble thinking that a peanut butter and bacon shake taste pretty good.

    Congratulations on your trip to the temple. While you are on your mission go back to the temple as often as you can.

    Grandmother Young