Friday, July 19, 2013

Travel Plans

Today I got an email from the Missionary Travel Center telling me that my mission travel plans have been changed. Instead of reporting to the Brazil MTC, I will be reporting to the Provo MTC on the same day instead. My flight leaves Indianapolis International at 8:45 and will probably touch down in Salt Lake at about 10:30, and then its a hour and a half drive up to Provo via the Shuttle. That is my new travel plans.  I'm getting all of my stuff I need gathered up and ready to go.  Started packing up my stuff today as well, that was a bit of a shock, thinking that some of my stuff I will not see for maybe 7 years because I will be gone for 2 years on a mission, then 4 years in college, and then maybe a year more if I get deployed straight out of college.  Who knows? I now also have new glasses for my mission so all my vision items are finished and ready to go. Going to Louisville Temple the 27th to get my Living Ordinances and that will be super exciting! I can't wait! This was a brief update by Ben Battraw, Missao Brasil Manaus!

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