Monday, October 17, 2016

17 October 2016

This week was nuts! We had a lot of work, and a lot of blessings. Here's how it broke down:

Tuesday was long. We had district meeting in the morning, with a new type of training plan. Pres. Mortensen is trying a new thing with the training plans. That ordinarily wouldn't be a problem, but he only got it to us late Sunday night. That meant we only printed it Monday while emailing, and only started preparing Tuesday morning. It was very impromptu, but went okay. Right after that, we had lunch, and visited a hospital. Elder Daniel's eyes have been acting up, and it turned out he has a very exciting problem. He​ ​ got a viral infection that was bad enough that he got a secondary bacterial infection on top of that. It was so bad that the doctors gave him 3 types of eyedrops and two types of pills. Right after that, we had correlation meeting with the branch council. Finally, after that we could have one appointment with a recent convert family.

We had an exchange on Wednesday. I went with Elder Harris, one of our zone leaders, to his area. It was a very, very long day. They had no appointments, just finding all day long! Fortunately, things were pretty fun anyway. We went all over their area, looking for members. We found quite a few, and had a bunch of adventures. The best one was when we were walking near the beach, and got picked up by a random guy. He was a submarine technician who wanted to help us out, and was pretty wealthy. Having a car in India is sort of a status symbol, and he had a nice car. Anyway, he picked us up off the side of the road and helped us find the next person we were looking for. Of course, we talked with him a lot, and had some interesting conversation. By the time we left, he had warned us to go home and stop wasting our youth, because "you can't change this #$%^ing world anyway." He was pretty funny, but also very fatalistic. When we found the place we were looking for, it was actually a compound with a couple of buildings in it. As we asked at a one of them, a very angry guy came out and told us to leave immediately, reason unspecified. He all-but attacked us! That night, we visited a very nice family that we had found earlier, and had a great lesson with them.

Thursday was interesting. We had planning in the morning, then tried to meet with some investigators at the church. Four of them had told us they would show up- none of them did. Fortunately, we were able to teach an investigator at night, then go out to Madhurawada, a really far area, to meet a member.

Friday was another long one. We had a zone calling activity in the morning, where the zone got together and called all of the potential investigators in our phones. That took a long time. Afterward, we had to go to the hospital for a follow-up on Elder Daniel's eyes, which still haven't fallen out yet. At night, we only had time for one lesson, with a less-active family.

Saturday was the best day we've had in a really long time. We went out early back to Madhurawada to meet with a new investigator family, where we had a good lesson. Afterwards, they introduced us to another new investigator family, where we gave a blessing. After those two, we had lunch, and visited another new investigator family, who is amazing. The guy's name is Boby, and he is in college. He speaks amazing English, and is very frequently available and interested. Not much more could go right! After them, we went to yet another new investigator, then went back to Arilova to teach a member family. Our second counselor's son is about to get baptized, so his dad wanted us to teach him a bit. 

Sunday was the disappointing day. Despite getting 9 new investigators for the week, none of them, along with none of our current progressing investigators, attended church. Anyway, after church, we went knocking doors in our apartment complex. We found a couple of devout Hindus who shut us down, before finding a really good seeming Christian family. They invited us in, and listened with interest up until we got to Joseph Smith. There, they shut us down. "How can God call another prophet? Even if he did, what difference would that make?" They really didn't seem to get the whole "prophet" thing. After we tried to explain it several times in several ways, they refused to get it. 

Well, that was our week. Overall- really good! See ya!

FYI- Diwali is coming up! And today is my 3-months-to-go mark.
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